thread: Vasospasm & Raynaud's Phenomenon (blanching of the nipple)

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    Mar 2007

    Charmalea - thanks hun. I'll read your story. Did you always have it from the beginning of b/feeding journey? Or did it come on gradually? Mine I believe came on after the damage that side received from bad attachment in the first few weeks when my nipple was cracked and bleeding so badly i couldnt even feed with it it was so bad. It's never been the same since and I think (and my LC does too) that the Vasospasm has come on possibly from the damage that was caused.

    Where can I buy small heat packs for my bra's??? I can't find one small enough.

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    Apr 2007
    Perth, Australia

    Interesting, I also had burning sensations while BF and when my BB got cold. I found it immesnsly uncomfortable and just put it down to BF, I never had any other problems such as attachment cracked nipples, thrush etc.. I know reynaurds can be very painful, I knew somebody who had it.