thread: caesar whilst unwell??

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    Question caesar whilst unwell??

    As you can prob make from title i am booked in for my CS on tues but have come down with a nasty cold. DD has been unwell with what i assume is same bug and she has had it for almost a week, i only started last night! Will it affect CS?

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    I had a nasty cough ( coughs and cs do not mix) and a cold when i had my last son.. My DH also had a nasty throat infection which luckily he went to the Drs about cus he was anti biotics for it. Apparently he wouldn't have been allowed in otherwise

    anyways.. The only adivce I can give is rest rest rest and if you have a cough hold a pillow to your tummy after the c/s... each time you cough

    Good luck

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    I asked the surgeon about this prior to my CS as I too was coming down with something. Basically you would have to be terribly unwell with a bacterial infection before they would think about postponing. I too was worried about coughing - however I have since found out that codeine is an effective cough suppressant so if you are coughing afterwards ask about adding codeine to your pain relief options. As it turns out I was worried for nothing and actually felt quite well on the day.

    Good luck, enjoy meeting your new little one - every blessing for your birthing time.

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    Thank you both i have a terrible sore throat and ear ache and just worried i am coming down with what my DD has had. She has been unwell for the best part of this last week and is still not much better. I hope to be like you marydean and worrying for nothing but i guess we will see.

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