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thread: Caesarean General Chatter & Discussion #5

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    Apr 2004

    Hi girls,

    Rae...I know exactly what you mean about not experiencing a natural/vaginal birth. I have had 2 c-sections now and in all probability, any future births will also be c-sections. I have no problem with the fact that this is the way my babies have been born, but I do regret the fact that I will (probably) never experience labour and a vaginal birth. I feel like I have missed out.

    As for driving after a c-section...after my first I had no real reason to drive and probably didn't until a few weeks after the birth. After my second, I drove about a week after the birth. I had no choice - DS was prem and was still in hospital and as we had been caught by surprise, DH still had to go to work for the first week or so and as I was at home alone I needed to drive to the hospital to see DS. I had no problems at all. Not saying I would recommend it - just that it was ok for me.

    Brooke...I don't really have any tips for the second c-section. Although it does help knowing what to expect. I knew what my body was capable of second time around, having been through it once already. Anything specific you want to ask, fire away...

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    Feb 2005
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    Christy - did you really? OMG - what did it feel like? I can't believe it, that would have been so much to handle!!

    Brooke - I can understand your feelings. I'm sure it will be how I will feel next time around. Try to think positively. It's great your DH will have time off to help you. I had a spinal & it was great. My anesthitist was fantastic talking me through it all too.

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    I totally understand to Brooke! I'm scared ****less as well. I'm opting for a VBAC this time round(last time was an emergency c/s)and praying that I can do it and not end in another c/s. Gemma was posterior so there was limited hope that I would have had her naturally anyway but I'm terrified that it'll happen again. I guess I'm so scared cause it is a MAJOR operation, I hate the needles the operating theatre, the recovery, EVERYTHING about it I hate.

    ETA:Oh yeh uterine rupture.................eeeeekkkk my BIGGEST fear!! Its been playing in the back of my mind sice I found out I was pregnant. Now I know its pretty rare, BUT it does happen.

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    Nov 2004
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    Brooke I so know what you mean. I was absolutely terrified of the spinal block..terrified. When I was having Sammy the anaethetist was aware of my past experience and how i was feeling about it so he was really very reassuring. The midwives were great in helping by being gentle and telling me to count so i would have something to focus on. I had sweat literally pouring off me and was shaking wildly. Please let them know your reservations...it can make all the difference.


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    Melinda Guest

    My BP dropped after I'd had the spinal, not while I had the epidural - I felt fine with that. So not sure what the go is.

    I too am another that's scared, but I feel better knowing what will happen this time around IYKWIM? So it's kind of conflicting feelings in a way. When Jacob was born, I was having huge contractions and using the gas whilst they put the epidural in, so I can honestly say I didn't feel it at all. Knowing that this time around that won't be the case, I'm worried that I'll be in agony with having the needle put in??

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    Nov 2004
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    Aww Mel its definately not agony..its just uncomfortable.


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    Jun 2006
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    Yes, I agree....the "easy way out" ****es me up the wall. Man! Ignorant fools! I was in labour with my first for over 40 hours, and ended up w/ an emergency c-section. Recovery takes forever, your walking around bent over, and then end up with a bad back, you feel scared and weird because you've had major surgery, you are beyond tired because of the physical strain of taking care of a newborn after major surgery, and you have a big slit of a scar to take care of and freak you out every day until it begins to heal nicely....and I was still in abdominal pain months later. You can't walk fast, you can't lift anything heavier than your baby, and you feel like a cripple with the exaustion and demands of new motherhood. "Easy way out" my ass!!!
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    May 2006
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    Brooke, with my first, it was an epidural, the second was a spinal, that made me go numb right up , even my cheeks were numbish, and I also got an intense itch all over my face and body as there was morphine in it, and it sometimes has that reaction. The last was what the anaethetist called a combined spinal block (not sure what the difference was, but as they had to remove heaps of adhesions, it took ages to get bubs out, and long before they had finished sewing me up, I could move both legs, but only had crampy pain, did not feel the operation)
    So this time, I am not sure which way they will go, it will be up to the hospitals anaethetist, but they will definetaly have to prepare for the nausea and vomiting beforehand, it was scary.
    I feel prepared, knowing what to expect, but on the otherhand, having that knowledge, I still dread going through all that.

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    Jun 2005
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    I can't remember when I posted here last - but I had a spinal and the aneasthetist (sorry sp) was so good I barely felt the needle at all! She was also telling me jokes, stroking my cheeks and explaining the proceedure to me. My blood pressure didn't drop but Dh tells me my heartrate got to 140!!

    I felt my cs was very quick. Anaethetist told me that women often think they've failed if they have a c/s. I told her I didn't think that - just wish there was an easier way like a baby vending machine!

    Well my poppett has stirred so better go. Will chat again soon.
    Good luck to those having their next bubbas soon. Hugs to you all!

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    Oct 2003
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    Yep girls, I have the fear of uterine rupture... I had a dream about it last night, it was awful.

    Its true I felt the cut & a bit afterwards, by the time they were pulling things aside to get Matilda out I couldn't feel anything, but my body was in shock by then as well. It was extremely painful & I can't imagine feeling that pain again.

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    Melinda Guest

    Time for a new thread girls.....

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