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Thread: Low Lying Placenta - distance from os - other jargin

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    Default Low Lying Placenta - distance from os - other jargin

    Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, I've searched but can't find an exact answer to this question.

    Yesterday I was told by my GP that my placenta has hardly risen from my 20 week scan and will more than likely need a caesarean. I find differing opinions on the net regarding how far from the os does the placenta need to be to warrent a planned c-section. My placenta is 3 - 3.5cm from the internal os. I have read that a vb is possible for anything above 2cm in one place and anything above 4-5 in others - most confusing as big differences. Does anybody know the 'standard' or if there is one?

    Also, the sonographer has written "there appeared to be a small accessory lobe of placental tissue lying on the anterior uterine wall suggestive of a succenturiate lobe" on his report. Can anybody translate for me?? Wish they'd speak english... he-he (sort of)

    My Dr has told me to go to the hospital for further scans and nothing is happening quickly enough to settle my overworked mind.

    Can anybody help??

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    Hi Maybub
    Unfortunately there is no ‘standard’ for the distance that the placenta needs to be from the os to enable you to have a vaginal birth. However most Ob’s that I have met are happy if it is 2cm or more.
    A succenturiate lobe is an extra lobe of the placenta that is separate from the main placenta but connected by blood vessels. There are 2 main problems with this-
    The blood vessels may be torn during birth. This would depend on where the placenta and the succenturiate lobe are in relation to each other. If tearing was to occur it would be a problem if the blood vessels are large. The other potential problem is that this extra lobe may be retained after birth.

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    Yup my client has a placenta just above 2cms from os and her public Ob is happy for her to have a VB. If you are 3-3.5cms and your Ob wants to do a c/s, I would definately get another opinion as you may find an ob who would be happy for you to have one!!! Thats what happened to my client. They are out there, don't give up!!!

    A client of mine was told she had a lobe before and there were no problems, she didnt have a low lying placenta though, but have heard of it before.
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    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I have spoken to the ob at the hospital who is bringing me in on Tuesday to scan the lobe, but has no problems with the 3 - 3.5cm - thank god. One hurdle cleared, one to go...

    Fingers crossed, thanks again.

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