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Thread: My Best friends support person while she has a C/S - Is there anything I need to know

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    Default My Best friends support person while she has a C/S - Is there anything I need to know

    Hi Everyone,
    This is just my 3rd post in here so please forgive me if I have mucked this up....

    My best friend who I love to death, has asked me to be with her while she has a C/S with her 3rd bubba, due in October. I am so over the moon, and have been so excited since I found out she was pregnant, yet I am now wondering if there is anything I need or should know....

    I have only ever had Vaginal Births (not sure on the abb...sorry) so I have never been in to see what happens, I have done stacks of googles on C/S and its not the blood or anything that is going to bother me, I just want it to be the very best experience for her, and want everything to be just perfect (well as perfect as it can be). My BF never got many photo's with her first two little princess's and I am quite into photography, so she has asked me to take quite a few for her.

    Is there anything I should know? Im sorry this probly sounds so silly....but it is important to me that I don't stuff this up for her.....I would never forgive myself if I made a mistake.....

    Any help would be fantastic

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    Has she got a birth plan for her C/S?
    I would think that the most important thing you can do for her would be to make sure that the medical team follow her wishes both during the procedure and in the days afterwards.

    Is she planning on breastfeeding? You can help her by making sure she can have skin to skin contact with her baby as soon as possible and that she can have her baby with her in recovery. Also for the first few days it will be hard for her to lift her baby so being there as much as possible for her without crowding her would be great.

    You're very lucky to have such an honour. From your desire to do it well I can see why you've been chosen.
    Good luck

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    Thank you dachlostar,

    Im not sure if she does have a plan at the moment, knowing her she will leave it to the last minute to prepare (i will remind her of this though the next time I talk to her). Im pretty sure she will try to Breast Feed. And the skin to skin contact as such a great idea, as when she had her two previous girls, she never got that and was in recovery for ages, and didn't get to see them for quite some time.

    I know she is worried about the C/S, but i know in my heart she will do a fantastic job...she always does.

    Do you know if there is anything about photography in the C/S room?

    I do plan to be there afterwards, to help out with her two little girls too....

    Thanks again for all your help you have been wonderful

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    Hi there,

    I had an emergency C/S with my son and the team were great... they talked me and hubby through the whole process and even encouraged/reminded us to take photos (it all happens quite quickly and can be overwhelming if you are not prepared - as we weren't).

    Just a point, when they were prepping me for the spinal block, my hubby was not allowed in the theatre- I think this is standard... so you know... but I had lots of lovely staff holding my hand and keeping me calm!

    Good luck with it for you and your friend. Enjoy!!

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    My DH was allowed with me for my spinal but i do know alot of hospitals dont allow it so maybe find out on the hospitals policy.

    With regards to photos we were allowed to take in a camera but not allowed to take footage of the op itself or any of the medical team, in fact i think the midwife took all the photos of bub been pulled out etc so DH didnt have to that way he was focused on me 100%. I felt really nauseous/anxious and didnt want dh to let go of my hand the whole time, i even got upset when he moved a couple of metres to cut the cord. Have you discussed cord cutting would your friend like you to do it or the Dr? jsut something to think about. The best thing my DH did was to reassure me everything was ok etc. I'm sure you will do fine.

    I was allowed to take my baby and DH into recovery with me as it was a planned CS (i never got to with my emergency one) so that was lovely. Maybe check also on hospital policy to see if they allow this. We met with an LC in recovery and my baby did not leave my side until i was settled on the ward again then DH went with her to get weighed etc.

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    Hi Tania/ladies,I had my first c-section dec`07 with my fifth baby,hubby was able to take lots of photos, aslong bub is doing fine,the only part I didn`t about having it was,the length of time in recovery,you must be able to move your toes and feet,before you are able to go to the maternity wards.It seemed so long before I got to hold my little boy,that part of it was irritating,but my husband was with him and rather enjoyed the bonding experience,got to give him a bottle until I got to my room, then I started to breast feed,you must be very careful when picking bub up that you don`t drop them,you never know when pain will get the better of you,but most of all if you need help,than ask!!! cheers,what a top friend you are, good luck.

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