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Thread: Needle in the back - terrified

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    Hi Sheba,
    Thanks so much for starting this thread - I am in the same boat as you! I am more scared of the needle before the actual epidural than I am of the enitre caesarean procedure!
    All the best and thanks to everyone who posted - I feel better already.

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    I had a c section with my 1st, maybe again with this one depending on his size and how risky vbac would be cause of his size. They usually give u a local anesthetic needle before the epidural goes in. I cant say the epidural was overally painful, but I did feel the needle being threaded into my back and out again, and they had to try 3 times with me cause the epidural wasnt working - Im a mystery!

    And also I rememer getting the shakes so bad too that I couldnt hold my baby after she was born, and I felt a bit sick in the tummy from all of the drugs, but all in all it was all worth it, the next day I was pretty much fine except for the soreness of my guts and not bein able to sit or stand or walk unassisted, but my back was fine.

    Good luck with it, its not much to worry about it usually only takes a short time for them to get it in once its in, ya fine and dandy, ya cant feel a thing! except maybe some movement and pressure when they pull the baby out, but certainly no pain.

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