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Thread: Can I "O" this early?

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    Default Can I "O" this early?

    Can someone please look at my chart! FF is saying to me that I've ovulated and I'm now 3dpo....? Something must be wrong.... there is no way i could ovulate this early is there? 30 day cycle (regular). And if i have, that means we've certainly missed the boat!!!

    I'm sitting here thinking I have totally missed the boat this month... or am i just worrying again.....??!?!
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    Ren as I said on the other thread, don't panic just yet, FF is just saying it thinks there's a chance you O'd (based on your temps) but it's not sure (see how the line is dotted?). If your temps are lower in the next couple of days I am sure it will take your coverline away. I don't think it's impossible to O this early, but considering your normal cycle, it's extremely unlikely.

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    FF is only showing a dotted line, so not all of your signs confirm O. Has it been warmer than usual? Have you had a drink or 2 over the last couple of nights? It would be unusual for you to O this early as your cycle has been a regular 28-32 cycle for as long as I have known you on BB.
    You did BD on the day of O, so if you have Oed there is a good chance you canught the egg. If your temp drops over the next day or so, then rises again around CD 16-18 I don't think you will have oed yet.
    Though look for the silver lining, if you have O'd and missed the boat, so to speak, this will be a short cycle and will mean you can get down to the next cycle sooner. Assuming you don't end up PG first.
    Also you should consider lunar fertility, which suggested the moon cycle can stimulate O, aswell as your normal cycle. You might O 2x this month? Keep BDing JIC.

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    FF gave me a dotted line on CD 11 but took it away later. Now it won't give me one at all even though I'm sure I Ov CD 18, maybe 19

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    Thx girls... i will just keep and see what happens.... it was nice of you girls to look at my chart and help me out as you're alot more experienced at charting than i am..
    yes hopefully i havent yet O'd and that i will O approx cd18 like last time and if i have O'd then hopefully i did catch it and its just a short short cycle!!!lol

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    ok never mind my chart.... its back on track today.... thank you

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    i thought it would take it away ren.... so atleast u havent missed the egg good luck catching it

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