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    Hi Ladies,
    I am fairly new to charting (this is only my second month) and I just wanted to ask is it normal to have 2 temperature spikes during your cycle? In my first cycle it happened and on the second temperature spike (not that long after the first) I also had really bad cramps which I often get duing O so I guessed that was when I O'ed. Now it seems to be happening again this month, my temp has been spiking but as far as I can tell I am not O and I am only up to CD 12.
    Thanks for your feedback from those more experienced charters.

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    Is it a sustained spike? Charting is more about trends than individual temperatures, it's entirely possible for odd conditions, stress, lack of sleep, etc to all impact on a temperature. One peak in temperature doesn't mean a lot if it's back to normal the next day. If it's a sustained rise, then I'm not entirely sure what could be going on.

    I've had a similar thing with this cycle - I had one enormous temperature jump. I know it wasn't me ovulating as I was also having blood tests with my IVF clinic to monitor things. It was to do with having an odd night, not sleeping properly and waking up with the quilt over me (most nights it's just been a sheet, if that, lately). The next morning things were back to normal (in fact, much lower than normal, a really hot night and I didn't sleep well)... but as time has progressed, things have levelled out, and my chart agrees exactly with what the IVF clinic tells me.

    Do you have a link to your chart? Often that can be a little more helpful in interpreting things.


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