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Thread: Could I be pregnant again?

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    Default Could I be pregnant again?

    We now have a gorgeous dd who is now 9mths old. I am now 10 days late for my 3rd cycle since they recommenced. My TCM told me I was really highly fertile and that if we wanted to try for no. 2 now would be a good time. Yes it would be great, but its been such a tough year. Dealing with DD has been a breeze, but our living arrnagements caring for my FIL have me almost at my wits end. He is unappreciative and does little to be involved, and we live in a suburb where we dont fit in. I dont even feel comfortable enough to walk DD around the block. Its just been so emotionally draining, with very little support. I dont know if I should be excited at the possibility or crying in the corner, its been really tough on 1 wage & i need to be back working if we're ever going to move from here.

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    You poor thing, you've been having a rough time lately. You are so wonderful for looking after your FIL, even if he doesn't appreciate your efforts. I truly believe what goes around comes around so I'm sure good things will come your way soon

    As for being pregnant, I suppose the only way to find out is to do a test. You may also be late due to your cycles not quite being in sync yet or even from the stress that you are obviously under. Do you have any friends or family that can support you at the moment?

    I really wish you all the best and I hope things ease up for you soon

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    Thanks Trish,

    I do have a couple of cousins, but they have their own families. They help out if we need a babysitter which is great.

    Yeah, I think I should do a test. I hope for now that its just my cycles out of whack, although the last 2 were pretty much 28 days exactly. Just have to get the courage up to go get a test done.

    Fingers crossed hey......

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    That's great that your cousins will babysit, make sure you make the most of them when you need to! Have you got someone you can share your feelings with? Sometimes it helps just to verbalise things.

    I think it is best to test if you are feeling this anxious, at least you will know one way or the other and won't stress about the unknown.

    Take care and good luck

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    Only my DH, but he already has enough on his plate. You just think that this is such a wonderful time, its hard to comprehend that life could be even more complicated. Our DD brings us so much joy, but just where we are at the moment just doesn't make it easy.

    Sorry to go on. Thanks for your support

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