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Thread: Is my temp only meant to drop when AF is close?? Confused...

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    Question Is my temp only meant to drop when AF is close?? Confused...


    Someone recently brought to my attention that looking at my last cycle, and even the one before that, my temperature started to drop a few days before AF and not the day before or day AF was due... is this normal? Could there be a progesterone problem perhaps where my temps start dropping hence bub can't stick?

    Or is it normal for your temps to start dropping a few days before AF even shows?
    I'm sure there is nothing to worry about but just thought I'd ask.


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    When I was temping, I knew AF was on her way when my temp began dropping from 10/11DPO. As you know I'm 15 weeks PG now (time flies). I don't know if it would mean there are progesterone problems and never even considered it. Remember you have been PG once before, so it will happen again. I didn't even have any close calls, when I thought I might be PG between my 2 BFP.
    Keep up the acupunture, natropathy. Once you are happy with which day you O, give the temping thing a miss, take a more relaxed approach. It worked for you first month, it will work for you again. I'm only relating to myself, as it was this way that worked for me. Good luck, this month could be your month.

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    Hi Renstar

    My temp always used to drop 2 - 3 days before af was due. Since a had an operative hysteroscopy in Nov it now stays higher right until af arrives. I have had several hormone profiles done over the last 18mths and have never been told I have a progesterone problem. All of our bodies are very different though. I think as long as the luteal phase is around 14 days then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

    Good luck to ya!

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    Thanks girls I was just after some peace of mind with my charts and it's comforting to know that it's normal for your temps to drop a few days before AF

    Charlotte - that's a great idea, i might try that this cycle.... hadn't even thought of that? It's only my 3rd cycle charting..... first 3mths ttc didn't chart but I knew when I O'd anyway. hmmm maybe I will wait til I get my coverline and then won't take my temps after that, GREAT idea.... that will take away alot of the stress of watching the temps rise up and down.... I don't think it's that stressful but I think sometimes our body is stressed by it without us even knowing

    AJC - yep, my LP varies from 12-14 days.... I've been told it can vary from cycle to cycle and that's normal?

    I know it will happen soon...

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