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    Hi Girls ,

    I need help....Situation is that Kaitlyn is about to increase her days of daycare from 3-4 days per week as my DH is starting a new job and no longer has a weekday off. She really does enjoy daycare , but she never sleeps well there and so is left tired.

    My work is flexible and will let me work the days I want which is great. So the question is do I put Kaitlyn in Mon-Thurs or Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri. Mon-Thurs means she has 3full days at home at the end of a big week. Mon/Tue and Thur/Fri means she has that one day break inbetween to rest and then two days over the weekend.

    I am struggling already with having to increase her to 4days...I always promised myself I would not have her in care more then at home. But unfortunately this is not an option , and DH;s new role means he now works Mon-Fri rather then 6 days a week in cluding sat and a much better option for us as afamily in the long run it is more $$!

    In my head I know that one day she will be home again ( if the stork hurries and visits us!!!!!!!!)

    What are your thoughts?

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    Hi Cass,

    I had a similar question when I upped Aidyn from 2, to 3 daycare days this year. At first I was going to separate them, with a day or 2 in between. But then a few people mentioned to me that the continuity of having 3 (or 4) days in a row might actually be easier for Aidyn to cope with, as with all the days at daycare in a row, and all his days off in a row, then he is less likely to get confused and out of sorts.
    Don't know if that makes any sense, or if I have explained it well enough?
    But anyway, I ended up putting him in Tue, Wed, Thur, and he has been just fine with it.

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