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Thread: BUB loosing weight

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    Thumbs down BUB loosing weight

    ARRR Lachie lost weight!!!! He saw the health nurse today, and after last weeks tiny gain of 65grams, this week he lost 90grams boohoo!!!!

    I am going to take him back to the dr in the morning - its her day off today - and we are awaiting a urgent appt with the gastro. dr, but golly me, what will our plan of action be now???
    How serious do they take weigh loss? When does it become a urgent issue?

    any advise would be lovely, love Zoe

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    Oh Zoe, how worrying for you. I don't know the answer to your questions but wanted to send you some hugs. I think it would depend on how much he weighs and some other factors. Are you bfing? Was he premmie? Is he feeding well? These are all questions that will be relevant. I hope the dr gives you good advice tomorrow. But if he are not happy with what she says, don't be scared to get a 2nd opinion. Good luck hun.

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    Thanks girls

    Ok here goes - will print this out and take to dr with me

    What was his birthweight
    What does he weight now
    What are his outputs like (wee and poo)
    about normal
    What is his colour like
    good - had jaundice for about 6weeks
    Is he alert ?
    when he's awake yes, but he sleeps alot
    What are his eyes like >
    How much does he feed ?
    only 5tiems a day, about 100mls sometimes 75mls sometimes we manage 125mls - I always make up a 180ml bottle so its not for the lack of trying. I have woken him to try and offer more feeds but he simply refuses
    How does he feed ?
    bottle s26ar formula. Feeding terrible. We are having some bottle aversion issues, he usually screams, settles with dummy, I slip it out and he takes about 25mls, screams, vomits and we start again
    Does he have reflux ?
    Yes. Originally it was 'silent' but he started vomiting at about 10weeks.

    Any other suggestions would be great.

    Oh also his weight

    28/11 6.625kgs
    05/12 6.690kgs
    10/12 6.600kgs

    Thanks Zoe

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    Ok this will sound werid but are you a small person because when my DD2 was losing weight the Doctors didnt seem too conserend as I am small and thought that it was just going to be her iykwim anyway DH ( who is much bigger than me )was home and took her to the doctor when she was about 3mth by himself and when they weighed her they fricked out and told him that she had to come back in two weeks to be checked again, So I took her in without DH as he was away and they once again didnt care, So its just a thought that maybe it because of you size that they dont see it as a problem even thought we all know babies shouldnt lose to much weight. Sorry this isnt much help but thought you might be able to relate...

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    Mite also b worth trying different formulas! Em was fine 4 a while on some formulas and then would lose weight. eventually we found out she is Lactose intolerant by giving her a tin of lactose free then switching back to normal. The paed said that the instant return of symptoms showed LI. She has challenges every now and then and every time she gets the same symptoms. now I am not saying ur DS is LI, all i am sayin is that sometimes different brands taste different and all of a sudden they will drink heaps. Also, How old is he?

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