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Thread: Could it be teething?

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    Default Could it be teething?

    I know there are heaps of other threads asking the same thing, but would appreciate your opinions.

    DS is 5 months and 1 week. For the last 3 or 4 days every nappy has been pooey when normally he only does 1 a day. Bottom is a bit red but not sure if thats because he is going more. He rubs at his right ear especially when feeding, and gnawing on his hand and other things a bit. Drooling everywhere, so much so that creates little pools of it on his mat, the bench etc. Can't see any spots in his mouth 'tho.

    The poos and the ear rubbing could mean other things so not sure if should just dismiss it as teething.


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    Jasmine is doing much the same thing right now....other things that could indicate teeth is higher temp , restless sleeping, fussing on the boob/bottle, some like to suck dummies more.

    The poos could also be an infection, tummy bug, ear ache.

    Id say probably teething though. Just look out for white on the gums....i cant see much white on Jasmines gums, but if i run a finger over them i can feel 2 toothy pegs coming up!

    Good luck....teething is fun :P

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    Yes, its official he is teething. I see teeth. I have just felt along his lower gums again and felt some sharp edges and see two little white lumps. I knew I wasn't imagining the symptoms and I don't believe they are just coincidence.

    Thanks Kim for your reply. I hope Miss J teethes soon.

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