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    May 2007


    Hi all,
    My DS now has a fairly good mouthful of teeth. He is 15 months old. At what age should I take him to the dentist for a checkup?

    many thanks

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    We first took Jack at about 2, but he's due for a checkup now so Tom will go for his first one at the same time (he's 15 months). I think anywhere between 1 and 2 is probably ok unless you notice problems earlier. The dentists can usually offer great advice about cleaning their teeth too (it can be tricky if they don't like it), so in some ways probably the earlier the better. GL with it.

    OT, I hope your return to work goes well for you.

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    Oct 2006

    I agree, the earlier the better. Even if the dentist doesn't do much, if it is something they can 'get used to' a little, then by the time they get their first flouride treatment they shouldn't find it too traumatic, KWIM? As it is, I don't think your dentist would do too much at this stage, so it is totally up to you really.
    Natalie only has three teeth atm, but I'd like to take her soon after her top teeth are through...

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    Thanks for the advice girls. I need to go myself soon, so maybe I will jsut book us both in together.

    MR - Thanks for wishing me well for work. I really don't wnat to go back! Just need the $$$$

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    Heh heh, I feel guilty now! I need to go too... :s

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