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Thread: Help with burping PLEASE!!!!

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    Default Help with burping PLEASE!!!!

    My 5 week old DD has colic and I have great difficulty burping her, does anyone have any suggestions. She usually starts squirming and crying as soon as I have finished feeding her and gets more agitated/uncomfortable when I try and burp her.
    I have been intermittently using Brauer's Colic Relief but it does not seem to have helped so haven't continued it consistently. Am thinking of trying Infacol instead.

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    Holding your daughter upright will usually help. I hold my babies up on my shoulder, while gently rapping between the shoulder blades. If your bub is in no danger of throwing up, standing up and dancing or bouncing a little while holding her against your chest, upright can sometimes work.

    In extreme cases, where I have to get a burp out, I have sat down with bub laying on my lap, bubs head on my knees . Gently titling bub backwards so that the head is lower than the chest for a second, then bringing back up always worked on my kids. It just moves the air bubble inside, like tipping a bottle of water upside down and seeing the air bubble move to the top. I then cuddle bub while burping and it usually works.
    TBH I dont really like saying things like that on forums, in case a mum goes to the extreme and hurts bub, but I dont really know how else to explain what I mean...

    Sorry, prob not much help at all...

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    If it doesn't work over your shoulder, have you tried sitting her up supporting her chin in your hand? Also lying them down and bending their knees and bringing up to their chest can work.

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    hi there i have four boys all had trouble with burping . i think i have nailed it now . i always made sure i had a nice fitted jumpsuit on them as it was easier to rub my hand up and down with no t shirts sliding up , also made sure the milk was always warm and or i would lay them acrooss my legs on their back and gently rub their belly for a few secs then sit them straight up on their bottom and start rubbing again also patting it usually always worked. good luck ..

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    My first born suffered with colic too. Only for a month or 2, but it was a shocker. I knew when it would hit him so I would set aside that time to deal with him.

    I would try the bicycle legs, working his legs up and down, and sometimes even a warm bath if he could not be soothed. Time and patience is all that I can suggest. Oh and yes Infacol does seem to help a bit too.

    and goodluck

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    My fav possie at that age is face down over your arm, with her head towards the crook of your elbow. Their little legs hang down and you can give their back a good pat/rub at the same time.


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    My aunty told me get a heat bag, wrap it in a towel so it doesn't burn, put it on my tummy and hold bub in the breastfeeding position with bub's tummy on heatbag and then rock. I do that sometimes with my DD, it helps to relax her and often will help the wind come out easier when I sit her up afterwards.

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