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Thread: Infacol before 4 weeks?

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    Default Infacol before 4 weeks?

    I strongly suspect DS has a bit of colic and would like to try a bit of infacol to see if it helps but he is only 3 weeks tomorrow, the dosage guide on the box starts at 1 month - does anyone know if you can use it before one month?

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    Not sure Willow, how about some cooled boiled water in a bottle that can help with wind????
    Or wearing him for 30ish mins after a feed in a HAB or similar???

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    try brauers colic relief from the chemist instead. Its much gentler on tiny tummies and 100% natural

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    You can get "Infants friend" which is the same as infancol but you can use it from birth. I know here only a few chemists stock it so it might be worth calling around a few

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    Thanks Dee, I've actually already got that but someone told me Infacol was better.

    I'll persist with the Infants Friend for a few more days I think, didn't really give it a chance.

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    DS was very colicky, i tried Infants friend & Infacol - on the infacol all it did was make him bring up a lot more milk.

    I agree with Brauers, although i found he hated the Colic one, but was good with the stomach calm, and that helped a lot.

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    yep you can.. we used it for Asha when she was 2 weeks old both gp and pharmasist said it was ok

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