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    I took DS to the GP this week because I had a strong suspicsion he had silent reflux, to which the GP agreed and told me to try him on infant Gaviscon. The first day he seemed to be better, but the last couple he is worse, lots of struggling while feeding, not being happy sleeping in his cot basinette-grimicing in his sleep and waking up screaming, back to vomitting up bits of his feeds for up to an hour after, and blowing lots of bubbles.
    My question is does it take time for the Gaviscon to have his full effect (like a couple of weeks) or if it was going to work would it have started to show some improvement by now. The GP I saw (not my regular one) said to wait 2-3 weeks to see if their was an improvement, but I am reluctant to do that because he seems to be in so much pain.

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    Hi Ali

    I would have thought that the gaviscon would have more of an immediate effect...but I'm not definite about that.

    My little boy has mild-moderate reflux and I ended up putting him on a colic/reflux syrup from a Perth pharmacy (Padbury). They make it up themselves, and it does the same thing as Gaviscon...but much easier to administer and instead of 10ml you only need to give 1ml... may have already tried it, but make sure your little one's bassinette/cot is raised (just put some towels underneath it)...I found that helped alot too!

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    Infant gaviscon should have instant reflief and will not take a couple of weeks to get into the system like other reflux meds.

    I would go back and see if there is something else they can recommend.

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