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    Hi all ,
    just wondered if i could get a bit of reassurace and advice. My Daughter Lillie was born on 12/12/07. At 6 days old she was rushed to hospital as she was chocking on her own vomit! At first i thought she was having a seizuire but a specialist diagnosed reflux. I had never heard of this as i already have a daughter who is 9 yrs old and she never suffered with this or anything like. My Baby girl seems so unhappy. She cries alot after feeds, vomits alot and simply doesnt seem to settle. She is bottlefed with s-26 gold and is on medicine to stop the burning sensation. I cant seem to do anythibg with her to help settle her and feel like a failure especially while out and about with people looking at me?? Has anyone got any ideas on what else i can do to help lillie...........

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    Hugs to you. My DS is 13 weeks and has reflux. He started on Zantac but after a while it seemed to stop helping him so was moved onto Losec once a day. He has been an angel ever since being on this medication. What meds is your little one on? My DS used to bring up a lot after a feed, was in a lot of pain and I was scared to go out too but once things settle down you will feel a lot better. The only suggestions I can give you that worked for me are:- medication, try feeding her in as upright position as possible and after feeding her try and keep her up right from anywhere from 15 minutes to 1/2 an hour, put her cot mattrass on an angle so she isn't sleeping flat on her back. All of these things seemed to help us. Please don't feel like a failure, there is nothing that you could have done to prevent this.. It sounds like you are doing a great job. As for people looking at you while Lillie is crying - just ignore them or say "haven't you ever seen a baby cry before". I said that to an old lady once and she made a very quick exit - LOL (it wasn't funny at the time but looking back now it is)!!! I am sure that Lillie will settle after being on medication and if she doesn't go back and see your specialist and tell them that she is still not settling and you want to try something else. I have seen some threads on here about babies with reflux and chiropractors, you might need to have a look back a little but I am sure it is in here. Good luck and if I can answer anymore questions I will certainly try. Micky xxoo

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    Hi oh sending so many hugs your way.
    We have an 11month old son who also has reflux. Ever since he was born he would vomit nearly all his feeds up. He was never unhappy with the vomitting but I was....
    After many doctors and child health nurse visits he was diagnosed with reflux at 6months.
    I had to stop breastfeeding him as half the problem was I had too much milk. I could express 300-400ml each side 4times a day. Imagine how much he was getting then and no wonder he vomitted it back up.
    I expressed for 3months and thickened his milk with karicare thickner and he stopped vomitting nearly instantly. He is also on a medication called Domperidone (motilium) 3times a day. It encourages the food to go through his system rather than sit in his belly. He hasn't vomitted since 6months old when we thickened his milk and gave him this medication.
    We tried everything to stop him vomitting but nothing worked until this.
    I am not suggesting that medications are always the way to go, just wanted to tell you that this is what has worked for us.
    I know it doesn't help now but it does get better..

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    Thanks for the advice guys, Lillie is going back today to see the specialist. At least i can now go armed with a list of medications as the medicine she is on doesnt seem to be doing anything. I will keep you informed of what happens today.


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    Hi there, unfortunately until you have a reflux baby you will not know how difficult it can be. Don't feel a failure, you did nothing wrong, and your baby just may need a little more of your time and attention right now.

    The good thing is it does get better.

    With the meds what meds are you on and how much.

    Also with the formula, I would switch, the S26 is a really bad one for refluxers as it is a full milk based product which means it is harder for them to digest and sits longer, if it sits then they reflux more, so a hydrolysed formula, such as Nan HA works well, there are other ones you can get from a doctor if it still doesn't help.

    If she is on zantac then you have to increase it with increasing weight and if she is upset and irritable all the tiem talk to your doctor about getting on another med, although your child has reflux it doesnt' have to be in pain all the time and can be managed quite well with reflux meds for most babies.

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