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Thread: 10week old sleep issues

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    Default 10week old sleep issues

    My Ds is 10weeks today. For the first few weeks he was a good sleeper, feeding every 4 horus and sleeping the rest of the time. He was in a routine up to about a week ago where he would feed 3-4 hourly during the day having a short sleep in the morning in the pram if we were out and a longer sleep i nthe afternoon. He used to wake between 6 and 7am and I would feed then settle and he would sleep for about and hour. After the longer afternoon sleep sometimes he would go back to sleep after it but sometimes not, having playtime with dad and while we had dinner. He would then settle by 9pm and sleep until 2ish, where I would feed then it starts again. we do use a dummy, have from about 5 days old. Usually I would wrap him, put dummy in and place him down awake, replacing his dummy as needed and he would drift to sleep. This worked 99% of the time. we did have the odd bad day but never for as long
    The last week that has totally gone out the window, I thought it was becuase he had his immunisations last monday and was out of sorts. Plus we think he has had a viral thing - sore throat, snuffly nose, slight cough. My DH and I have both had it.
    DS just won't sleep. It is turning into a battle, when you lie him in the cot he cries. At 7 weeks he started crying occassionally and I elevated one end of the mattress, thinking reflux and it seemed to help. No more.

    I have tried:
    *feeding to sleep- sometimes works but then doesn't bring up wind (had issues there)
    *cuddling him to sleep then lying down in cot- he wakes up, wherever you put him down
    *letting cry inadvertantly happened, I had to shower as people were coming over, so I put him down had a 30 sec shower then settled him by patting etc. he slept but only for 40 mins. I tried it again and he slept only for 20 mins and I was in tears too. Doesn' stay asleep so not worth all the angst.
    *Patting, music etc- sometimes works if I can get him to lie down without screaming
    *Putting down for afternoon slepp in my bed with me. sometimes works but today only slept for 30mins then woke, able to resettle today for another 30 mins
    *using HAB, doesn't really like,sleeps for very short periods (5 mins) but feels too restricted
    *not wrapping

    Issues are:
    *won't be put down in cot or anywhere
    *he seems miserable crying lots
    *shorter sleeps at night too - waking after 3-4 hours
    *feeding every 1.5-3hours

    Is it a growth spurt, but isn't it too early?
    I really don't know what to do, I feel so powerless. I have ordered Pinky McKays new book but will be a while. I have also got the library seeing if they can get her other book. I am in the country so can't just go and buy. Plus we don't have family suuport nearby and only a few friends/acquaintances as have only been here a few months.

    Please help any suggestions will be welcome

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    Is he a bit spewy? It could be the cold that's the issue, it's caused problems for us with this one (he's over it now thankfully!) Because the mucous was in his tummy, he wouldn't drink as much at each feed, but would feed more often (apparently that's common with colds).
    Have you tried sleeping him on his tummy during the day? Bub #2 settles really well on his tummy, and hardly ever on his back (to the point where he sleeps on his tummy at nights too, obviously SIDS don't recommend that, but it was a decision we made that seems right for us).

    Oh, mum's on the phone now, will pop back if I think of anything else. In the meantime, got any friends/family who can give you a nap?

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    I did put DS on his tummy from about 5 in the morning for a week or two coz he had a cold & got really blocked up at that time. He was having trouble breathing & choking on phlem, but Only for that one sleep & only coz he couldn't be=reath on his beck & I think he was safer this way. I wouldn't do it unless I thought it was necessary.
    He started having probs at 10 weeks too & is still a bit off, but I think he might have had a growth spurt & it buggered up his routine.

    Have you tried a sling? Could be wind or just wanting to be close to you. In a sling he is up & with you & you can still do things.

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    Thanks. DS doesn't really like being on his tummy. We think he has a sore throat (again/still). He just doesn't want to be put down. He did/does settle in cot after middle of night feed. Just not any other time. We have a Hug a bub (wrap) but yesterday he fond it too restricting. He would sleep for very short periods in it but would end up crying because he couldnt move.

    I hope this passes soon. I am getting so tired

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    Hi Luey,

    that's a real pit I don't have any real answers, but when Pip was like this, I'd just camp on the recliner chair with him. He'd snuggle on his tum against my chest, with his head near my neck, and he'd sleep that way. I'd then be asleep on the recliner with him. It wasn't ideal, but we both did get sleep that way.

    Or you could just try letting him into your bed for a few nights - the sound of your heart & breathing will settle him nicely.


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    If you suspect that he's got a sore throat still/again..I'd take him to your GP for a check... Oskar has had a few throat infections and apparently his throat has been red raw .... he's had to go on antibiotics to help clear it. Also, if it is something like that, when they're so little it can quite quickly develop into other things. So, I would be taking a trip to doc's to check that as it can really disrupt their sleep. Oskar was waking ALL night when he had this. I hope that he settles back down for you again.

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    Thanks Ozzie hoffy, he has been checked by a GP. His throat has not looked inflamed but doesn't mean it isn't sore.

    HE has been a bit better, he likes being held to go to sleep now. Stupidly I feel as if I have 'done something wrong', and he will never be able to self settle yada yada yada. I know logically it is complete faddle but still I can't help comparing him with other bubs sleeping/self settling etc. I just need to get over the old fashioned way of thinking (cry to sleep) and do what he wants. I just need to learn -'It isn't bad to cuddle him if that is what he wants' and just because other babies sleep better are more content when awake doesn't mean I am a bad mummy. Besides he is far superior in other things ()

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