thread: help needed urgently please

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    help needed urgently please

    Hi my 10month old boy has always been a really good sleeper both during the day and at night until the last 3 weeks. He is standing and sitting in his cot and not going to sleep during the day. over night he is fantastic. he goes down without a fuss and sleeps for 12hrs.
    during the day i can spent up to 2hrs getting him to sleep. he just stands in his cot. i have tried leaving him to stand and sit and hope he will eventually lay down himself and go to sleep, but i could leave him there for 2hrs and he wouldn't care. i have also tried laying him down up to 50times with no success.
    please help me, i am going insane. he just doesn't want to sleep.
    yesterday he woke at 6.30am and didn't go to sleep until 1pm and only slept for 45mins and then was up until 6.30pm. today he slept from 9-11am and hasn't gone back to sleep. we have tried a few times with no success. the pram doesn't work, he just sits up in it, the swing doesn't work and believe it or not the car doesn't work.
    what can i do???? please any suggestions would be great.

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    I am not quite up to the 10 month stage but have heard a few mums talk about this stage and think it is just that - a stage. Is he happy standing in the cot? Is he happy and energetic during the day? Perhaps his sleep needs have changed suddenly and he just doesn't need as much sleep. If he seems happy and healthy then I would just go with the flow. Especially if he sleeps 12 hours at night!

    If he seems grumpy and frazzled then perhaps try a different sleep technique like rocking and cuddling etc. I sit my DS on my knee with his dummy and blanky and we watch tv till he goes to sleep. He doesnt take long then and once he is asleep I put him in the cot.

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    Shan, we are currently going through the same thing with Aricyn. He had a morning sleep today for about 2 hours (9.30 - 11.30) and now is STILL up after we tried putting him down for naps at 2.30 (his usual time), 3.30 and just now again. We are going to try again at 5, he is really tired, and he is also sick, so not sure what is happening. It has been suggested that he is getting ready to go for the one nap during the day (the long midday sleep) but I think he still needs his morning one!!!! Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone!! Oh, but if nothing else helps Aricyn, i throw a blanket over his head and that usually sends him off to sleep. hard when they are standing though!! sorry for not much help, but I'm struggling with you!!!

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    hi thanks for replying so quickly. yes he is happy standing in his cot. he is so quiet that we think he is asleep and poke our heads in and he is still standing. he is really happy during the day and yesterday didn't act tired at all with only 40mins sleep for the whole day.
    i was thinking that maybe he is ready for one nap during the day. if he was would he have a sleep around 11am?

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    Thats what ladies at work told me - but my sister and another friend put theirs down at noon, so they feed them lunch at around 11.30 and then put them down. My sisters kids are nearly 4 and nearly 2..... so I'm not sure what time works for everyone else? I think when Aricyn stops going down so easily at 9.30 I'll try to extend his morning nap until a bit later.. all trial and error really!!!! :-) Good luck!! Let me know how it goes..

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    Hi Shan,

    I remember this stage too, only Darcy wasn't happy. Even though I was desperate to keep 2 sleeps for the peace it gave me, she was ready to go to 1.

    She now crashes any time btween 10 and 3 and I leave it up to her most days (except if I can see it's necessary). She also varies in the time she sleeps for between 45min to 2.5hours. Guess it depends on their energy expended and their neds for the day.

    Good luck.

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    I just made a thread about the same thing. I use a safeTsleep wrap which is good, except she undoes it. So we pin it closed. And she's still able to turn over and wriggle out of it. Which makes bedtime such hard work. She usually gets put to bed by 8pm asleep or not, and used to take no more than 30 mins to fall asleep. Tonight she went down completely asleep at 8.10pm. She woke up before I'd even put her down and is still fighting, an hour later. She also loves crawling and standing and will quite happily not sleep but will be ever so grumpy later. Sorry to steal your thunder Shan.

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    Shan, I'm going through exactly the same thing at the moment! DD is almost 11mths, and will only go to sleep in the day with a feed, then if I put her down she will only stay asleep for around 45mins - if I let her sleep on my lap she might sleep for 2hrs!! It drives me nuts.
    I'm thinking of just trying to get her down for one sleep a day, just after an early lunch... will see how that goes?
    Anyway, just thought I'd let you know youre not alone
    Hope it is just a "stage"!!

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