thread: please help with 2 year old sleep issues

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    please help with 2 year old sleep issues

    My 2 year old DD has always been a gem at sleeping, all we had to do was take her to bed say night night turn out the light and she would self settle within minutes.
    Since DS arrived and dare I say day light savings, we are having huge issues getting her to sleep. Sometimes it will take an hour or more of constant getting out of bed and me taking her back before she will settle. Often it results in me getting mad at her, yelling or putting the lock on the door so she cant get out.

    I hate myself for doing this, but when I have 2 to settle now I dont know what else to do. DS is very sensitive and I am rocking him to sleep most nights, I cant do it with her as well.

    What can I do to have a tear fear bedtime? For both her and me, DP reckons she just isn't tired but what do I do let her decide when she wants to go to bed and still have her awake at 6am?

    PLease help.

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    i honestly have no advice but you are not alone. My DD1 is 21 months and DD2 is 6 weeks. DD1 got sick and admitted to hospital a week b4 DD2 arrive and since then sleep has become a major issue for us too. She used to go to bed at 6-6.30 without a single tear (i'd jsut tuck her in give her a kiss and walk out) but now every night she cries as soon as we tell her its bedtime. My DH thought it might be a bit too early so we moved bedtime to 7pm and its made no difference and she gets up at the same time. We are also having issues with our day sleeps. I find it hard as this is DD2's unsettled time of day so i am torn between the 2. Also DD1 will not let me cuddle her or read her story etc she just wont relax. She is either running around mad or asleep iykwim. I will be keeping an eye on this to see if you get any useful tips i can pinch as i have tried all sorts. I keep telling DH its jsut and adjustment period but i'm beginning to wonder for how much longer. How old is your ds? Oh and if i let DD1 decide when bedtime should be i'd still be up at midnight and then still have her up at the crack of dawn. i know how heartbreaking it is to have them get so distraught at every sleep

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