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Thread: who doesn't like to use controlled crying?

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    paradise lost Guest


    I haven't read all the other responses (bit pushed for time today, sorry )

    I never used CC. I decided before DD was born that i wouldn't do anything that made MY job harder.

    I cannot listen to my child cry for me. Simple as that. It drives me mental, and i would FAR rather cuddle a child to sleep than listen to them cry. And if they are going to cry anyway, at least if i'm holding them i feel like i'm DOING something, you know?

    I employed other techniques to help her to sleep. When she was very small (under 4 months) i used to hold her and sing to her (a lullaby i'd been singing to the bump during PG, which worked AMAZINGLY at settling her) and rock her. I would BF to sleep but to be honest she often woke up when she came off so i stopped doing that and just cuddled her instead. I would lie her on my chest and pat her bum in time with her crying and then gradually slow down the patting, which slowed down the crying too.

    If she woke in the night i'd bring her in to feed and then co-sleep with me. Some nights she was fretful and awake and crying for an hour after every feed, but walking slowly around the bedroom with her in my arms was WAY more fun than trying to sleep while she screamed and screamed next to me.

    From 5 weeks i had a pretty rigid bedtime routine. 7pm bath, 8pm feed, then bed. I'd put her in the cot and pat her to sleep. I don't know long it took before she was able to just fall asleep immediately - she's 2 and still sometimes needs me to pop in and out to settle her again. I decided i could only control ME, so i do everything i can to help her settle - whether or not she does so isn't my job to worry about.

    When she was 4 months i moved into my own flat as XP and i had split. I moved her into her own room 2 months later because i had a new partner (i felt it was innapropriate for her to be around DP until i was SURE of him, which took about a year. 90% of the time i saw him she was at her dad's house, and the other 10% he almost always came when she was already in bed and left before she got up - he saw her 4 times in the first 14 months of her life. I moved her because i didn't want her to feel i kicked her out of our room/my bed for him) and from then she slept fantastically (i'm a poor sleeper and tend to talk and be restless which i'm sure was disurbing her). I've never had any "system" to get her back to sleep.


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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    On Day 3 of a new routine. Madeleine is starting to put herself to sleep which is great, she is always sleeping in her cot too, it's a great gentle way of settling them without them getting distressed. It is certainly working for us...
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    That's great news Bindy. Well done!!

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