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Thread: * Collecting Baby Items

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    LOL... fancy seeing one of my old threads being bumped up so often!! hehehe
    Twas nice to look back and read what my state of mind was. Actually... I wrote the first post in Jan 2004 so it was still a good 6 months before we got a BFP!

    I have kept all the boys things that I bought pre-Gabby. Maybe the next one will be a boy?? Who knows!

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    Hmm, reading my post here a few months back reminds me that I'm going to *have* to get something clotheswise for Liebling... get some nappies in and some little babygros, I don't want a cold Liebling when we come home! I have the fabbest hat ever though, so that will all be OK.

    Wonder when DH will be OK with me buying more clothes, I don't think he's that keen on me doing that.

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    all my stuff is now in storage. easier that way I find.

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