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Thread: Can VITEX help me?? No periods after BCP!!

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    Default Can VITEX help me?? No periods after BCP!!

    Ok, so ....i stopped taking estelle bcp early january 08 and have not had a period since (so nearly 4 months), we are ttc #2 but its a bit hard when im not ovulating or having my cycle!!

    So i saw the doc about it and she put me on Primolut N for 10 days 3 pills a day, to bring on my period (tomoro is my last day of taking it) so im pretty sure it will make me have my period but, just a bit worried that i wont ovulate, so I bought some vitex that im going to start taking when i stop the primolut, hoping it will help me ovulate.

    Just wondering if anyone has had success with vitex after not having their periods??
    Please let me know I want to hear your stories!! and if anyone can recommend anything else ??
    We really want to be preggers again!!

    ****baby dust****

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    My cycles were all over the place after I came off bcp - had 56, 44 day cycles for example! When I took Vitex I finally got pg that cycle after 7 cycles trying. I also took it after I had my d & c for missed miscarriage last year and got AF within 4 weeks - some women wait 6 weeks or more. It is very good for regulating your cycle if your hormones are out of balance. Some women will tell you it's dangerous (chance of miscarriage if you are pg) but I have had only good things.

    I would definitely recommend you take it to help your body get back on track.

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    Oh, thanks heaps for that!
    I have a good feeling about it but i have heard of many people having miscarriages, so did you keep taking it when you were preggers? or when did you stop? Thats all im worried about, i dont want to have a m/c because of it!


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    I wouldn't recommend it personally. I had two early miscarriages whilst on it. Both at around 5 weeks - just a few days after I stopped taking it. I researched it a bit and found that a lot of women miscarry as soon as they stop taking it and you have to stop taking it as it is not recommended during pregnancy.

    I stopped taking it, fell pregnant when we weren't actively trying (but not being careful either if you know what I mean) and this one stuck.

    I was on it for mood swings related to my cycle and those did improve but I didn't notice any other change in my cycle. My cycle was a little on the short side and it stayed that way whilst taking it.

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    Yes I did stop taking it. It definitely did the trick for me too - my cycles were all over the place, very long, and the cycle I took the Vitex (also took Evening Primrose Oil for 14 days at beginning of cycle) was the cycle I conceived DS. My cycles had been very long, and that cycle was down to 32 (my usual length now that I am unaffected by any other factors is 28 days)

    It's actually very strongly recommended to help cycles get back on track after bcp, I would take it for a cycle and see what happens, you might find that it does its magic after only one cycle and you don't need to keep taking it.

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    My cycles were completely messed up after BCP and one cycle I took vitex and that was the shortest cycle I had (32 days) when usually they were really long like 40-55 days. But then I got scared off by the m/c stories too and didn't take it again
    Went to see an Acupuncturist who put me on herbs and I concieved 1st cycle with them (don't know if they had vitex or anything in them), so I definately believe there are herbs out there that can help a lot with your cycle.

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