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Thread: could i be ovulating?

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    Default could i be ovulating?

    hi girls

    has anyone had any discharge (im not sure if CM) its sticky but also a little tiny sticky ball.. (like a clot but i think it is CM) ?

    does this mean i am ovulating soon?

    or if anyone has any good links as to the different types of CM that would be appreciated!!

    thanks heaps

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    check out this link Kach......

    Goodluck! I would just incase

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    thanks.. if i have EWCM (found last night) but the OPK says negative (tested this morning) could i still be ovulating?... (although i did consume alcohol the night before i tested)

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    Sticky - definitely sounds like infertile CM and that O is not happening soon.

    EWCM is a good sign and indicator that O is approaching.

    OPKs are notoriously unreliable.

    It can take a few cycles to get a hang of this CM thing but it is a lot cheaper than OPKs. OPKs never ever ever worked for me and CM was always much much more reliable, but it did take me a while to get know what my signs were.

    Good Luck.

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