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Thread: Fertility Friend-Paid Upgrade

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    Default Fertility Friend-Paid Upgrade

    I am still learning the ropes of FF and I am wondering how many people have a paid upgrade?

    Do you need all the extra features? I'm a little clueless as you can tell

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    when my free trial was running out i paid to continue as i found it was very helpul with ttc!!

    Good luck

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    I purchase lifetime years back I found it handy when I first stared seeing my RE as I could print all my charts off

    but as for the extras well they drive me crazy

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    I paid for 3 months when i was TTC. I found the extra features definately helpful and a added bonus. Im not sure how i would have gone without them but i got so used to using the free trial. I fully intend to use it again and pay for the upgrade when i TTC again.

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    Yep...I loved the paid upgrade features...

    Really helpful.

    I'll be using it again when we TTC...won't even bother with the free trial as I liked the upgrade features so much!

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