thread: First Day of period?

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    Jan 2006

    First Day of period?

    Hi, if someone could clarify for me when the first day of a period is.

    I bled on Saturday (cycle day 22) after BD, and then there was nothing until today, Tues (cycle day 25) when I wiped tonight.

    Would today be the first day of my period or would Saturday?

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    May 2007
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    I would class the first day of your period as today.

    SOme people spot before their period, so their first day counts as the day it becomes heavy iykwim?

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    My FS told me CD1 (first day of period) is the first day you wake up with your period OR you have full red flow (sorry TMI) by mid morning. Spotting doesn't count.

    On that basis your first day of period would be tomorrow.


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    It is the first day of full red flow.

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