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Thread: Getting Frustrated!

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    I think you girls should do what Debbie does all the time when af shows up. Get on the p#ss when you want, eat what you want (including chocolate), eat seafood, whatever takes your fancy.
    Seriously if you just live your life as normal and try not to stress so much about falling pg i guarantee it will happen. Cross my heart.
    Ive been there before, the waiting game and i know how hard it is. I know also how hard it is to listen to people saying 'arr just relax' but its the truth. Find a hobby or start walking or do something other than thinking 24/7 about falling pg.

    I dare you all to try it for a month and see what happens.

    Positive thoughts for you all TTC.

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    Been there done that and had chemical pregnancies both times. I've had 3 children (14, 8 and 7), 4 m/c and a 2nd trimester loss. I'm pushing 40. I don't have the luxury of time.

    Oh and FWIW, I do get on the p!ss and eat what I want anyway. My life isn't dictated by ttc. But if ttc encourages me to have a healthier lifestyle and get better and more regular sleep, then it can't be a bad thing surely?


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    Lisa, god know, nothing wrong with looking after yourself. I certainly wasnt emplying (s) that everyone get blotto every weekend, its just that i was always told 'just relax it will happen'. I know how hard it is to ttc and its a very stressful time because you so so want to fall pg so badly. Been there.
    I didnt mean to p you off if thats what i did. Just trying to say, try not to stress because it will happen, lol. Just like everyone said to me.

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