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thread: Old Wives Tales to help you conceive?

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    Wow thanks for that

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    Olivia and I had lunch today with a lovely friend of ours. Joanie is an older lady, & very wise. We got onto the conversation about fertility/concieving babies.......she has 4 kids, so I reckon she knows her stuff!

    Anyway, she is of aboriginal descent and works for the Dept of Health up here in the Territoty & spends a lot of time on outback communities. The combination of her heritage and her work means that she is very familiar with ancient old wives tales, especially in connection with fertility!

    She was telling me that if you are struggling to have babies, her cultutal advice is "take out you earrings and eat greens".......apparently this is a well known "old wives tale" and she couldn't believe I had never heard it!

    Here is the spooky bit........when I first moved to Darwin, the humidity affected my earrings/ears, so I took them out as they kept on getting infected/sore. 3 months later: pregnant! So maybe there IS some truth in this!

    So, my earrings have been put away in a box and I am off to make a salad!
    Ok I just took my earrings out !

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    Our IVF Blessing Has Arrived after 6 Cycles

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    New on Chopsicks mean fast Children in Chinese tied with a red ribbon in the SW corner of your bedroom is said to speed up conception

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    Does anyone have anything new to add? Have you heard of anything else or tried something special to help you conceive??

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    Cloud nine :D

    I dont know if this one has been said - Sorry didnt read them all...

    But my mum believes in planting parsley she thought the first time (when she fell pregnant with my twin brothers) is was a coincdence (sp?), but she planted some before she concived with the next one sure enough she was utd. but still thinking it was a joke! planted it again a couple of years later (not ttcing) just wanted to set up her herb garden and she got the biggest surprise when she found out she was pregnant with my sister. shes totally off planting parsley now (after 6 kids dont think she wants to temp fate hehe)

    Might give that one ago actually just remember it when i was reading through this

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    This only relates to this thread as it's an old wives tale- unfortunately we can't do anything to make this happen- except maybe crack lots of eggs

    This afternoon I cracked an egg that had a double yolk. Not knowing if it was still OK to use, I 'googled' it and some believe it's a sign of pregnancy and fertility.

    Fingers crossed
    WOW peekay .. if I'm doing the arithmetic right your bubba arrived about nine months after that double yoka?? I might have to go buy some eggs

    I also see parsley and yellow booties in my future

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    Our IVF Blessing Has Arrived after 6 Cycles

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    My Mum Bought me a Tiki from NZ

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    Jan 2008

    where can i get Clary sage Incense sticks from?

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    i dont think its a wives tale, but the 'doctrine of signatures' says that Eggplant, Avocadoes and Pears target the health and function of the womb and cervix thereby improving chances of conception and healthy pregnancies.

    the theory is basically that whatever body part the fruit or vegetable appears to look like, is the area of body that its properties will benefit. Dont ask me if its true... apparently the ancients used this method when it came to their natural medicines and remedies because they believed that God provided mankind with clues as to which foods provide health benefits for the different body parts, the clue was in the shape of the food itself...and today a lot of herbalists follow the same principle.
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