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    Default Ovulation question

    This may be a bit of an odd question...

    When you ovulate, do you always release at least one egg? I mean, is it possible to go through the hormonal aspect of ovulation (temp increases etc...) but to not have released an egg? Or if you experience the temperature increase can you be 100% sure that you released at least one egg?

    Sorry if that made absolutely no sense whatsoever!

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    This has happened to me several times... while still TTC naturally, my chart would show fertile mucus, a temperature increase... and the only indication we would have that I hadn't actually ovulated would be the fact that AF didn't arrive two weeks later... or two months later... A few times blood tests showed that I hadn't ovulated (checking progesterone levels) despite my chart looking like I had.

    I don't think it's normal - I have fairly severe PCOS which is what was causing it with me. I would probably imagine that if you are having fertile mucus, temperature increases and then AF arriving at an appropriate point in time afterwards then it's probably a fairly safe bet that you are ovulating. Your GP is able to organise a day 21 progesterone test (7 days after ovulationg is thought to have occurred rather than exactly on day 21) to confirm ovulation for you if you are greatly concerned about it.


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