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Thread: PCOS? Endo? Does anyone have similar symptoms?

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    Default PCOS? Endo? Does anyone have similar symptoms?

    I've been TTC for 5 months, but have been off the pill for 9 months. Since coming off the pill my cycles have been very long (from 45 to 63 days), although I know that I ovulated at least once. However, I get lots of bleeding (I don't call it spotting because it's heavier than that, but not as heavy as a period) in between periods. This has been getting more frequent as the months have passed.

    Two months ago I saw a gyno and he put me on metformin for PCOS (an ultrasound has shown cysts on at least one of my ovaries, and there is close family history of PCOS). The first month after that I had a normal (yay!) 29 day cycle, no bleeding and am pretty sure I ovulated. BUT, this cycle is now up to 38 days, there's been no signs of O and I have been bleeding non-stop since CD12.

    So, my question is, does anyone have any ideas what may cause all this bleeding? I also have family history of Endo, and am scared it may be that.

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    hi there gypsy, i am not an expert but it sounds like it would be more like PCOS than endo causing the length of your periods. you may want to put your post here in the endo/PCOS area to get a bit more help from the others with more knowledge on the site.
    that isn't to say you don't have endo but normally only a laparoscopy can identify whether you have it (i hope you don't). good luck

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