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Thread: Major Vent about everything inc PCOS and Endo

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    Default Major Vent about everything inc PCOS and Endo

    Ok for the ladies who dont know. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and endo. Well my fiance said to wait 2 years to try again for another child, because he wants to feel ready, because he wasnt for my last pregnancy which resulted in an mc of twins. Well 2 years was also when we were supposed to get married as it would allow me to stay permanently in the US with him, as at the moment i can only stay in 3 month stints However hes just brought on hes not sure about getting married in two years and is thinking about uping to wait for it TEN years, because his mother told him a prediction that a psychic made when he was born and it was if he got married before 30 his wife would die. Now hes scared and is thinking about putting it off. Now im upset about this as i wouldnt be living with him for 10 years unless i get a job there by the off chance immigration is a *****. It would also mean no children till then. Im worried i wont be able to then, and i really want them as im having feelings. Now i think predictions are BS and that his mom is doing it in a bid to scaring him out of marrying me as it was convenient that she told him as he mentioned planning marrying me. Sorry about stressing i just need a vent and advice sorry if i sound silly

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    Default Sometimes we all need to vent!

    I just found this website today and i think im in need of some venting also!

    I have PCOS and Endo as well and have hit my brick wall I have no more tolerance left for it all and am so tired of pain! I am tired of failed treatments and not being able to have the relationship I want with my partner because we can't have sex cos of my endo!

    There we go I feel a little better now!

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