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Thread: short luteal phases

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    Default short luteal phases

    AF showed up yesterday, but I had had cramping and spotting for another couple of days before that too. I came off the pill in July, Ive had 5 cycles since, and they have all been 25/26 days long, one has even been 24! Before BCP, they were normally 29/30 days. I normally ovulate on CD14, but now im a bit worried that my luteal phases are a bit too short, esp since I start spotting around 9dpo.
    Given that Im still young (23) and Ive only charted 5 cycles, is it worth it to go see a Dr? Or is there anything natural, like a herbal supplement etc that can help extend my luteal phase?

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    Hello, Gobble-gobble, I'm interested in this topic too, and I remembered reading something on one of the sticky threads about Vitex Agnus and short luteal phases.
    The thread is [URL=""]here[/URL].

    Also found this on the Blackmores site (talks about how the herb works):
    Vitex agnus castus is indicated for symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (including premenstrual acne), and irregularities of the menstrual cycle. It is believed to act primarily on the pituitary-hypothalamic axis, rather than directly on the ovaries. Vitex inhibits release of follicle stimulating hormone, whilst stimulating the release of luteinising hormone. These effects result in a shift in the oestrogen and progesterone ratio in favour of the latter, and Vitex may be of assistance in cases of progesterone deficiency (relative to oestrogen).

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    Marydean, thanks for the thread above. I have had problems with my cycles ever since DD was born 12 months ago. I had a miscarriage in May and tests results showed low progesterone and slightly high oestrogen. I have been using natural progesterone since and I think I am still having problems (or they have returned this cycle anyway). I myself have thought in the back of my mind that I needed to take another herbal based supplement and now I am going to try the vitex and b6 combo.

    Once again thanks and see you in the TTC buddies thread

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    I had the same problem when I came off the Pill. My lp went down to 6-10days. I took 100mg of B6 everyday and that cycle was the one I fell pg on. It is also great for morning sickness. best of luck

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    I have only been charting for 4 months and for 3 of those my LP ranged from 9-12 days so I started taking the vitex when I AF showed up this cycle, I am taking the liquid form though, which tastes really disgusting, even in juice, like it was suggested but I just couldn't see me remembering to take the tablets 3 times a day, I am also taking EPO to try to help increase my CM, so we will see how it goes.

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    I dont have allot to add because my LP is 15days (when I have had drugs to get me to ovulate that is!). However one of my sisters has LP problems and my Fertility Specialist once told me that a LP of 10 days or under should be investigated if TTC.

    Good Luck.

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