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Thread: Should I go by temp rise or pos OPK?

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    Default Should I go by temp rise or pos OPK?

    Morning everyone,

    Just wanted to ask your opinion.

    Trying to work out O day, should I go by the positive OPK or the temp rise? Both happened this morning and I'm a tad bit confused. I should also say that I am not feeling well so could that be a factor behind my temp rising?

    Anyone else have this happen to them?

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    Go by the OPK. Means that O is coming up in about 24 - 48 hours.

    A temp rise on the other hand usually only happens after O has happened, so it is not a indicator that rises before O, it only confirms that is has happened. As you say, being ill could have affected your temp rise so it is not accurate.


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    Oops - double post!!
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    Hmmm. I'd go by the OPK, because as ticklish said OPK detects the LH surge that happens before ovulation. Temp rise usually comes after O... but as you said you've been sick which could have influenced your temps.

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    I have always been told that once your temperature has risen ovulation has pretty much occured .
    I agree that illness can make it go up more than usual - so it would be interesting to see what tomorrow's temp will bring.
    I would definately BD today or tonight if you can
    But i think you have covered yourself nicely with your BD last night - so you may have just timed it just right. Good luck.
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    Thanks girls,

    I was more inclined to go by the OPK because I have been doing 2 per day, morning and evening and all have been neg til this morning at 10am.

    Will see what my temp does tomorrow but I'm pretty happy knowing that others think I should also go with the OPK, means I timed everything nicely.

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