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Thread: taking medication for flu and thrush while TTC

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    Default taking medication for flu and thrush while TTC

    Hi, I can see there are already threads on these two queries but they keep coming up as no longer available at my end so I thought I'd just ask:

    We're TTC and I have managed to get thrush and the flu at my most fertile time of the month. Is using pessaries and external cream for the thrush a bad idea? What medication can I use for the flu - I need to be able to soldier on so was considering codral tablets as well as medicated throat lozenges? There's also Ease A Cold which is herbal-based but still says consult ur doctor on the packaging. I live in a rural area so my doctor is very busy (always big waiting list even for a GP!) and hard to pin down for a question.

    Looking forward to hearing ur thoughts and experiences.

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    Hello - you poor thing - double dose!!

    Re thrush, I had a case when I was TTC with my daughter and pharmacist told me it wouldn't interfere with the little swimmers, but recommended baby dancing, waiting for 30 minutes, and then inserting the cream just to be sure. Not very comfortable (TMI) but I still conceived!!!

    re cold, I would be careful of any tablets that dry everything up etc because it may interfere with any early formation thingies - but that is strictly just my opinion. I wouldn't take codral, I would try just panadol and a saline nasal spray if you can get through with those. But if it is flu instead of cold, and you get infection, antibiotics are ok - just tell doc TTC.

    Hope some of my waffle helped!! Get well soon

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    Default Thanks Sami

    Thanks heaps for your reply Sami - I think the panadol and nasal spray sounds like the way to go and I'll definitely use the 'baby dancing' technique. Great name for it! Cheers and all the best with your daughter

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