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Thread: Is there such thing as TOO MANY Vitamins??

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    Default Is there such thing as TOO MANY Vitamins??

    I have been doing alot of research about vitamins and natural herbs to help regulate my cycle, as i havent had a normal cycle since i came off the BCP 4 months ago. I am taking quite a few vitamins at the mo and still looking into more, as i just feel the need to DO something to make my cycle work!!

    So im taking.....vitamin C, Vitamin E, Iron, Folic acid, B vitamins, zinc, evening primrose oil, as well as vitex and maca powder.
    I am also looking into taking red clover and angelica, and basically anything else that looks promising....BUT does anyone think that it could be harmful or contradictory to be taking this many different vitamins and herbs?

    I just want to do all i can to be healthy so i can make my little boy into a big brother!!
    Please can anyone give me advice??
    I am also very impatient so maybe thats why i cant just sit around and wait and do nothing to help myself, but i want to be sure i AM helping myself!!

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    In general the body excretes vitamins it doesn't need, so it's difficult to overdose on them BUT the body can only cope with excreting a certain amount, and after that you can OD. If i were you i'd check out the RDA (recommended Daily Allowance) of the things you're taking and make sure you're not exceeding it.

    Lots of women find it takes 3-6 months or even longer after coming off BCP for their normal cycle to resume, so time is as likely to help as any vitamin. Perhaps it would benefit you to see a homeopath or herbalist who can balance your vitamins to your needs with a better overall view, rather than you going on adding and adding.



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    Thanks..... yeah I am only taking the recommended dose of each vitamin so i dont think i would OD, was just wondering if it's beneficial of not to take lots of different types. I guess your right tho, time is probly all i need!! and i will look into seeing a homeopath if things dont improve in the next few months!

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    I reckon you should see a homeopath before taking any more vitamins!

    You may just be taking the recommended daily allownce of individual vitamins, but when taken together with something else, the RDA might be lower. Also, supplementary vitamins are just like medications, in that some vitamins might not be beneficial to take together, and may even be harmful to you, so you should go and talk to someone who has studied these things.

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    Very true Ali.
    In fact you have to make sure you don't take some things together as some can prevent others from being absorbed.

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