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Thread: TTC, but no period since Jan 08

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    Default TTC, but no period since Jan 08

    Hi all
    Wondering if you can help with a problem my friend is having. Her last period was the first week of Jan, but since then nothing. She's not pg she's been tested for PCOS, Thyroid prob's etc. and the doctor is unable to find any explanation other than sometimes your body can just do this All good and well for ther to say that, but you want to fall pg not having a period is a major pain in the A!

    I was wondering if anyone had experienced this or has any suggestions to try and get her body back into a cycle. SHe's not even sure if she's ovulating ~ her doc said she could be O'ing still just no period.

    Thanks to everyone who reads this.

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    This is probably not a reply your friend will want to hear - but I went off the pill in June 2006 and haven't had a period since

    I too have had all the tests and the only thing wrong is a hormone imbalance apparently caused by stress.

    I've been trying to fix this by having acupuncture, but I don't fit into any of the classic 'problem' areas, so this hasn't worked for me. But it might work for you friend.

    I'm seeing a fertility specialist in 5 weeks time, and will be started with assisted reproduction, probably ovulation induction (as I'm not ovulating!).

    I would rec'd your friend sees a fertility sepcialist as in my experience GPs tend to not take you too seriously, esp if you are under 30.

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    My sister stopped getting her period and after 3 months of not getting them she went to the dr and it turns out she was aneamic (sp?). So maybe she should get her iron levels checked? Just an idea

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    Thanks girls. I am going to r'mend the accupuncture and iron levels to her today. THANKS

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