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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    Also, don't forget real egg whites............there is a big post HERE about them.......

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    Jun 2005
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    Hi Guys,

    The main things i did differently was:
    Taking Evening Primrose oil - from CD1 to O
    Took my earrings out (old wives tale)
    put a rose quartz and a moonstone crystal under the bed (another old wives tale )
    As soon as i saw EWCM (the tiniest bit by the way) we BD that night and Wallah!!!

    Good luck everyone!!

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    Nov 2004

    We were both into drinking Damiana tea at the time we conceived Alex. It is a herbal tea that puts you in the mood and I think therefore makes you more likely to DTD and therefore make babies! I stopped drinking it once pregnant and I don't think its recommended while breastfeeding either. But we'll likely be into drinking it again when TTC the next.

    The other thing I heard is your weight should be close to what is naturally best for your body, just be general healthy and tell your body you're ready to carry a baby!

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    Jun 2005

    I would have to second the aspirin, bisolvin (same as robitussin but safe for TTC) and yellow booties in the pillow cases. Worked for us.

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    Feb 2005
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    have you checked this thread leah?

    Old wives tales

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    lucysmummie Guest

    yes Aj Its funny!!

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    Aug 2004

    Apple, can you please tell me what preseed is?

    Also, a question. Do you think it is essential to have (or notice) the right sticky fertile kind of CM in order to concieve? I am in my fertile days right now (I think) yet I have not noticed much CM at all.

    this is depressing me. I have been taking the Evening Primrose up until now, drinking water, grapefruit juice, right diet...blah, blah... I feel depressed because if I don't notice a good amount and type of CM then I assume that we will NOT concieve this month...

    Any prove me wrong? Hope so...

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    Aug 2004

    Opps sorry apple..........just read up a bit higher...my question is answered.......but WHERE can i get some???

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    runnermum, I can prove you wrong! We were TTC for 7 months, and I never noticed any CM! I was also concerned, so saw my GP who recommended I have a blood test to check whether I was ovulating. Lo and behold.....3 weeks later we got a positive on a pregnancy test
    So yes, you can still be ovulating and not produce any noticable CM.

    We concieved the month when we let our guard drop, so to speak. Previous months I had been temping, and trying to chart CM, this particular month I had stopped all that in frustration! As for positions for BDing, I prefer on top, we rarely do missionary. BDing almost every night, my GP told us every night is fine if the man is not low in sperm, and at least every 3 days.
    Hubby stopped having really hot showers, so his 'boys' were not overheated.
    Thats all I can think of....

    GOOD LUCK everyone TTC!!!

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    We weren't trying for this baby, as it is a little suprise bundle instead!

    BUT we were using natural fertility awareness as contraception (using condoms during my fertile time). We had been using this succesfully for years so i'm not sure what happened.

    Anyway the point of my tale here (LOL!) is that i ovulated every month with a healthy amount of EWCM, and the month i got PG we didn't DTD at all until after the EWCM had stopped for 4 days - when i would usually be safe, and i got pregnant.

    So i think that although EWCM is a good sign of a healthy reproductive system, it is by no means a definitive guide to fertility.

    By the by the circumstances (rather than efforts since we weren't trying) were that i did orgasm just after he did during sex and i lay down for about half an hour after before getting up to pee etc. As i say, these things were just what happened and not what we intended to do.



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    Aug 2004

    thank you very much for your relipes........it is very encouraging!

    I am not very confident I will be pregnant this month however...we only managed to BD twice due to alot of stress...

    I will keep up the grapefruit juice and lots of water however...and start taking the Evening Primrose again when the dreaded period comes..