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thread: Two Week Wait Activity List

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    May 2003
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    Two Week Wait Activity List

    Hi ladies,

    I came across this when I was TTC - it is pretty funny.....it is quite long, but worth it!


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    Jan 2004
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    Thanks Lucy - I love that

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    Nov 2003

    Thanks, Lucy. :smt043

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    rasberry Guest

    Thanks Lucy!!!

    That is sooo wonderful Lucy, thank you, I feel much better now. I shall do a couple of suggestions each day and the time will fly.....(yeh yeh). I only have 5 days to go now and yes I have sore breasts and a tender tummy and I have convinced myself I felt implantation a few days ago haha. Only time will tell and if it is meant to be it will be.
    I have been reading that it's OK to do light weights at a gym and continue with things like low impact aerobics during pregnancy, is that so in the first 12 weeks?? I have always been under the impression that we should not overdo things, especially if suffering from Morning Sickness, however in this book the author advised keeping up all activity until it's impossible because of the size of your tummy. What does everyone think??
    Good luck and here's to healthy happy babies for us all. \/
    Love from Raspberry

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!


    I am not sure on the whole gym thing, but certainly I believe it is recommended to maintain a gentle excercixe routine through a pregnancy.

    I checked with my GP when I first got pg, and she agreed that walking and swimming would be ideal, & I have kept both those up throughout.

    As always, take the advice of the medical profession for your particular circumstances, and never overdo it, and make sure you keep really well hydrated etc etc.

    Certainly in the first trimester, for me, a good walk would take the nausea away, & latterly, because I feel so huge, a dip in the pool makes me feel a lot lighter! (Just a shame I've then got to haul myself out!)

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    That is great stuff Lucy! I'll come back and read it again when I am back on the :tww: It'll be good for a laugh to have a go at a few things (though I have always held a general meeting with all the powers that be - , etc. They just haven't managed to bring anything to the table as yet, :smt043 )

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    LOL Debbie! When we were TTC my DH would have "Project Meetings" with his swimmers before and after the BD session....telling them what they had to achieve and where they had to go and what their objective was.....it was hilarious!! (He must be a good project manager of loooong term projects.......it took them 3 years to listen to him!)

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    That was great!! =D>

    I am coming into the 2nd week of my 2WW and I am definately going to try some of those out on the weekend.

    My DH thinks it's funny that I talk to my eggs before BD, not sure what he'll do at the thought of a committee meeting!

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    Jan 2004
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    About exercise - I walked everyday for about 40 minutes and did yoga once a week until I was about 32 weeks. I started to get too tired after that. (I am 40 so I think younger people could do more than that)Basically that is what I had been doing prior to being preg. so I just kept on doing it as long as I could. I really recommend yoga. Many people think it is a soft option as far as exercise goes but it is fantastic for strength and relaxation and you do work up a sweat. Have to have a teacher that knows about pregnancy tho as you can't do everything. Exercise is great for taking your mind of morning sickness and indigestion and those other annoying preg. symptoms.
    good luck with the waiting.

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    Liz Guest

    Hi Again,
    Forgot to ask..How to buy the OPK via belly belly?...have been to website but can't seem to find the right section for purchasing. Can someone help??

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    Maya Guest

    I cracked up laughing when I read the subject. I am GLAD I am not the only one who find these 14 days of wait TORTUROUS 8-[ . I am not that insane after all

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    cherishedone Guest

    I'm at the end of my 1st week for 2ww

    Here's crossing fingers!

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    cherishedone Guest

    gosh this 2ww is killin me!

    I swear I need some sort of crystal ball or a way to fwd time for a few days lol

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    Aquariangypsii Guest

    Hi Cherishedone,

    I know what you mean. I am on the TWW as well and not enjoying it a bit. How long have you got until you can test?

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    cherishedone Guest

    5more days!

    I think the 2ww should be renamed 2WH (H= hell) LOL

    How much longer do you have to wait hon?

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    oneisneverenough Guest

    TWH sounds like a great description! lol
    1wk left.. gah, hurry up!

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    Aquariangypsii Guest

    FF says I can test on Friday, but I have been testing from 8DPO, wasted heaps on HPT's and had a lot of dissappointment. Seen lines that weren't there, begged for a line to appear, and then checked them every 10 minutes for a line to turn up.

    The TWH is definatley not for the faint hearted!!!

    Lets just [-o< its all round

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    Fire Fly Guest

    Hi Girls, mind if i join you here for the 3rd time. Not sure what my body is doing as yet as ive had af return finally but i couldnt tell you when i 'O'. Im thinking either thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday or thursday, Lol. Totally confused atm as you can see.
    I think i can safely say though that if in 10 days say if af hasnt come i could test. Gee after 2 kids you would think id be an expert hey. If only our bodies did the same thing with each pg then we would be right.

    Ive got headaches and light tummy somethings happening atm but i also know there is a bit of gastro going around so it could be the onset of that. Fingers crossed its not.

    Good luck to you all. I know how frustrating it is when TTC, it actually gets less stressfull the more kids you have. It has for me anyway. Im just takeing things as they come now.

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