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Thread: Unblock fellopian tubes?

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    Default Unblock fellopian tubes?

    I have recently found out that both of my tubes are blocked after two years of trying for a baby. I am heartbroken to know that I may never be able to conceive naturally. After speaking with my doctor, I was told that my only option is IVF.
    Is it not possible to clear the blocked tubes? Several sites on the internet say it is possible but I am yet to find one in Australia. All of the sites are for UK and USA. Will I have to go overseas for this procedure?
    Who can I call to ask all these questions to? I live in QLD and would really love some info on my next step. Please help

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    Je55, it may be possible to unblock fallopian tubes, but it often depends on the nature of the blockage itself. In what way did they diagnose the tube blockages? Sometimes a hy-co-sy can clear a minor tube blockage, but if the blockage is significant, then it just may not be possible. I do know that they can sometimes reverse a tubal ligation, but it's not always successful, so even though surgical procedures for unblocking tubes may exist, it doesn't always mean that they will work for every patient.

    I know there is a certain sense of heartbreak in facing the fact that you may need to use IVF to conceive. It's something that all of us in this position have to face at one point or another. I choose to think of it far more positively - if it weren't for the fact that IVF exists then it would be absolutely impossible for me to ever have my own child. I think of the opportunities it opens up for me, rather than mourning that which I lack.


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    Sorry to hear that your tubes are blocked

    I had exactly the same thing...both of my tubes were completely blocked due to endo (scar tissue/adhesions etc). The gynae said no dye would go through at all and I would need IVF to get pregnant.

    At the time I asked the gynae couldn't they be unblocked and she said yes there are things they can do like insert a wire through to make a passageway but these things are usually not that effective for the effort involved. I gave up on the idea and starting researching IVF and accepted the fact that was how I would fall pregnant.

    I never even got to even starting IVF because I fell pregnant naturally and am now nearly 20 weeks pregnant! My ob (not the same as my gynae who diagnosed my endo) couldn't explain how or why I fell pregnant but she said sometimes even just muscle contractions helps nature along and they never say never.

    Have you spoken to your gynae about your options?

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    As someone with a failed tubal ligation reversal, completely blocked tubes and an IVF baby, conceived after many cycles, I would suggest that you get your gp to refer you to a gyneacologist first and foremost. I would explore your options to try to unblock your tubers prior to IVF, as if you are able to have a successful operation to unblock your tubes, it means not only that you will not need IVF to concieve the first time, but you'll not need it for each and every subsequent child you hope to have. It may seen like an easier option to go straight to IVF, but if you wish to have more than one child, it is an expensive and difficult road to follow.

    If your tubes are blocked anyway, I can't see how trying to unblock them is going to hurt - it can only help. Good luck either way.

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    Je55 Guest

    Default Thanks

    Thank you all for your information, it has been very helpful.

    I am going to do some research now into finding a microsurgeon to perform the operation to unblock my tubes. Although it may be useless, there is no harm in trying I guess. I may be in that 2% of women that have miracle conceptions after being told that there is no chance.
    After spending the last three days crying, your thoughtful and helpful words have changed my perspective on my situation. I will try the op first and if it unsucessful then I will try IVF. Either way I still have a chance to conceive and thats better than nothing.
    Thank you all again, i'm feeling better about everything already.
    Je55 xx

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    Good luck Je55. I hope all goes well, and if you find a microsurgeon to perform the operation let me know. I have one blocked tube and my FS said it was not possible to unblock, and the side with the good tube has an ovary that doesn't seem to function correctly. Due to my age I didn't have time to waste so went to IVF. If that doesn't work and I get to the stage of needing donor embies I would prefer to try and have my tube unblocked first and try naturally again. So I would be very interested to know if you find a microsurgeon to help you.

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    Default unsure

    im 40 years old. ive had 6 boys naturally but had my tubes clamped 11 years ago. i have now met a man who has swept me off my feet and who has no children of his own. he would like to have a baby and i am willing to have my tubes reversed but im not keen on all the things that can go wrong. i dont want to let him down cause as far as i am concerned everyone should have the joy of being a parent.
    please help and give me some advise here.

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    Denice, I'd say the best thing would be to get to a docs for a refferal to someone that could discuss your situation directly.

    GL xoxo

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    Default Unblock fallopian tubes

    Does anyone know of any doctor in Sydney who will insert the wire into the fallopian tubes to clear them? My HSG says my right tube (my only existing tube) is blocked.


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    Red face Tubal reversal

    Dr Robert Woolcott in Sydney did my reversal on Feb 4th. We are now trying. Please wish me luck? I am 50!

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