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    just wondering if you can actively try to loose weight while pregnant? i have lost about 15 kilos in the last year and i still have 7-10 to go. however now that i have lost a bit of weight i sorta want to start trying for another baby soon but still loose some weight as well. is it possible/ safe to excercise (like a step class at gym) and not so much diet but not eat as much while pregnant? or should i just wait until i am at my goal weight before trying?

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    Hollo - when pregnant you need to be mindful of your heart rate - it can't go too high during exercise. Losing weight really does help you get preggers though!

    Come on over to the Weight Loss threads, we have a body transformation challenge there at the moment, it starts today!

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    I remember when I was at the gym they used to ask if anyone was pregnant in my aerobics classes... From memory, they were really good about it - just gave you modified excersises that didn't push you as hard.
    You shouldn't 'diet' as such while pregnant, as far as I'm aware, but eating a good healthy diet will certainly benefit your unborn baby as well as your waistline (not that I'd know - I ate like a pig when pregnant, but I have been researching ready for my next pregnancy where I'll be much better behaved ) You may find you need to eat a bit more when pregnant to keep up your energy, but it can be healthy eating
    Congratulations on the 15kg, by the way!

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    Isnt it funny I was thinking just this same question this morning! I have another 5 kilos to go and we are actively TTC atm, sometimes I think I should just wait till I have lost it but then I dont want to wait any longer TTC IYKWIM? Its a double-edged sword really.

    Good luck Hollo on trying to lose your last bit of weight.

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