thread: anyone with weight watchers info?

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    Jan 2007
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    anyone with weight watchers info?

    Just wondering if anyone canhelp me!
    MIL did weight watchers back in Jan, and she has most of the books, and instead of me paying all the money for the same info I was going to use hers.

    She obviously doesnt have the BF booklet. Can anyone help me and give me the gist of what it says? My bub is three mons old and solely breastfeed, and I dont want my WL to interupt her feeding.

    Also, she cant find the book that works out how many points to have a day. She saidto me about 18 (she was told 20 but I dont have as much to lose as her).

    If anyone could help me that would be great!!!!! I could PM u my stats if that helps?


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    I am a online member ATM, if you like, I can look it up online for you if you PM me your details etc. They have the BF info on there too.

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    Jodie259 Guest

    I used to work at WW as a helper...
    I have the books somewhere... but I have just moved house, and they are packed away in a box somewhere...

    Below is the point calculation - so it depends on various things age/weight/activity.

    You will see here that breastfeeding mums have to eat 7 more points per day.
    If I find my books, I can give you an overview of the breastfeeding info. Or maybe someone else will have it handy.

    To Calculate your points :

    1. Are you:
    Female (not breastfeeding) - score 7
    Female (breastfeeding) - score 14
    Male - score 14

    2. How old are you?
    18-20 - score 5
    21 - 35 - score 4
    36 - 50 - score 3
    51 - 65 - score 2

    3. What is the first digit/s of your weight?
    if your weight is 2 digits (eg: 84kg) - your score 8
    if your weight is 3 digits (eg: 104) - your score is 10

    4. How tall are you?
    under 160cm - score 1
    over 160cm - score 2

    5. How active are you at work or during the day?
    sitting down most of the time - score 0
    occassionally sit, mainly stand - score 2
    occassionally stand, mainly walk - score 4
    phyically hard work most of the time - score 6

    okay.. you add up your score... but

    if your total is less then 18 points - adjust it to be 18 (that is minimum points)

    If your total is more than 33 for women, or 40 for men or breastfeeding mums - adjust your score to 33 or 40 respectively.

    Retake the quiz as your weight changes, or your circumstances change...

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2007
    Home Sweet Home!!!

    Wow thanks Jodie and Sherie.
    I worked out my points to be 28- a bit different to what MIL said- 18!!!
    Sherie, do you think that you could cut and paste the info on breast feeding, or i can PM you my email addy so send it to?
    Thanks again!

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    Jodie259 Guest

    18 would be far too little points for a breastfeeding mum.... so ensure that you eat 28 points every day.... or it will affect your milk supply and energy levels.

    Even non-breastfeeding women start off with around 28-21 points (depending on all the factors above).... usually you get to the 18 points when you are close to goal weight!

    You can even add MORE points if you are doing any form of exercise. Although they are 'bonus' points, and dont' have to be eaten.

    God luck... and if you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer.

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