thread: Breakfast - before or after?

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    Mar 2009

    Breakfast - before or after?

    Which is the right order to do things? We go for a ~40min walk every morning (all 4 of us, we live a street back from the brisbane river so along there, lots for the girls to see) and then usually have breakfast when we get home (oats). Should we be having breakfast first? We aren't looking to lose weight as such (I do still need to shift a couple of pregnancy kilos, maybe 5ish but know they will fall off with time, breastfeeding and healthy living), mostly just keep fit and 'wake up' for the day as well as the mental health benefits so mostly just looking for the 'healthy' way to be doing things.

    We could potentially do things in the other order but don't really feel like eating when we first get up (DD's have been having their morning milk before we leave although DD1 might have weaned so not sure if that makes a difference now) and we need to fit everything in before work (DP leaves aroun 8 and we get up around 6) including showers and such!

    ETA: DD1 doesn't walk, we take two prams or she sits on DPs shoulders if that matters lol.

    So breakfast - before or after?

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    Feb 2010
    on a big patch of paradise.

    My thoughts would be after (I have no real idea though), After you walk you need something to give you energy for the start of the day is how I see it and we are like you, we can't eat first thing in the morning either

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    Dec 2011
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    I'd say after as well, but why don't one day you do it first and see which makes you feel better.
    I know when i exercise I dont eat right before and usually eat after, but then I've never gone first thing in the morning

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    Mar 2006

    It really depends on what you want to achieve and how you think to be honest.

    I know a lot of competitive cyclists who all eat after their morning session.

    Some people believe if you eat after you burn that food better and quicker.

    If you get tired during your walk or take a long time to recover, then I'd suggest something light before your walk.

    Me personally, I never eat before I train. Training with food in my stomach just makes me feel like a concrete slab, everything feels harder, and I usually feel sick. So those sessions are never good ones!

    If the girls are hungry you could always give them some toast to munch whilst you walk.

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    Jan 2009

    I always eat after - don't know why, it just feels right.

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    Jun 2009

    Eat after because your body can't digest properly when exercising and you can end up with stomach cramps.

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    Dec 2006

    After, that's what I've always done. Your body is in "fat burning" mode after you exercise so you can have your carbs etc guilt free. My PT always encouraged this as your body digests your food more efficiently & there's a fair chance you'll get a cramp anyway if you eat first. If you need something before hand maybe have an apple or a bit of dried fruit to keep your sugar levels up!

    Great work getting out there & doing it!!

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    Jan 2008

    I would double pram and feed the girls as I walked. My kids always go down hill in their moods if they wait too long for food. I'd eat after

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    Jan 2010
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    If I'm doing an early morning session, I will have a protein shake about 20 mins before I go, then eat when I get back.

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    Sep 2011
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    After, but if you're feeling like you need something then have a banana. Sounds like a awesome morning activity.

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    Jun 2012

    i would grab something small before like a banana or something.
    but dont eat a full meal before you run.
    trust me i have been there. you get cramps.
    Then eat something after your run..

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    Jul 2006

    I always eat cereal or something else light before I go to the gym in the morning. No reason other than I always wake up hungry and I feel really, really ill if I don't eat very soon after getting up. Then after my work out I eat a more substantial breakfast, usually with egg for protein. Boiled eggs are great because I can boil them up the night before and if I'm running late take them to work with me and eat them there. That's the theory anyway, usually I can't wait that long for more food

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    Feb 2007
    on the move.....

    If I am doing a proper session at the gym (huffing and puffing) then I have a small breakfast first as otherwise I feel lightheaded. If just going for a walk then I would probably eat after.

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    Sep 2012

    Agree"My thoughts would be after (I have no real idea though), After you walk you need something to give you energy for the start of the day is how I see it and we are like you, we can't eat first thing in the morning either"

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    Jan 2007

    I can't work out without something in my tum so I usually grab a banana or something light and easy before I go otherwise I feel sick from not eating. Was reading a thing the other day about carbs before and protein to repair after a workout - will see if I can find it.

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    Mar 2004

    Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism for the day so after you eat it you burn more energy. Also if your body needs energy and it can't get it from food it will burn muscle before fat because it is easier to convert muscle to energy than fat. Since lean muscle uses more energy than fat burning it reduces your fat loss.
    I never work out hungry because it's counterproductive.

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    Apr 2008

    Really whatever works for you. Some people can't exercise after they eat and others need to eat to get them going. There ar many theories but whatever makes you feel best.

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    Oct 2012

    Its better to take breakfast after morning exercise whether you want to lose weight or not. Exercise is not good immediately after a meal so its better to go for walking first and then have a breakfast. Don't make your breakfast a late breakfast and hence for this god for walk early in the morning and return to home in time to take your breakfast at right time.