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Thread: The diet that always starts tomorrow

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    Default The diet that always starts tomorrow

    I am going to eat more healthy, and stop eating junk but it always seems to be tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes, I need to get tough and make it start. I just ate a disgusting amount of cake and feel horrible about it...someone come and wisk me away to an island that has no chain fast food outlets and ovens to cook cakes and biscuits. Anyone else have trouble commiting to the heathy lifestyle....ok I promise tomorrow !! I only have to lose ohh about 30 kilo

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    IKWYM, I say the same thing, but i also smoke, and its like 2morrow or after this pack, then when i run out its like ok i'll quit now, but it never happens, its the same with eating healthier, 2morrow just never seems to come!!

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    I think an important part is to stop the thinking that says "Uh-oh I just ate a whole pile of cake which blows the diet for today... better start tomorrow" Instead think "Well I ate some cake which was probably not the best choice, but for the rest of the day I am going to continuing with my healthy eating" or something similar.

    The first thoughts are negative and make us feel worse about ourselves, while the second is a bit more positive IYKWIM. I really believe that the thoughts we have about what we are doing h=makes such a big contribution.

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    Bec, I read the title of your post & that is just me ATM too. And then once I blow it, I just think, 'well, what's the point, I've blown it already!' - & then I go & make it 10 times worse!!! I have given myself until the end of the holidays not to diet, I just really need to get into the right frame of mind. So I'm not allowed to beat myself up about it, but then I will get serious....

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    In the last 6 months I have lost about 20kg (Prob another 10 wouldn't hurt) but I haven't been on a diet as such I have just pinpointed the foods that made me put on weight in the first place. Bread, cheese & fizzy I just stay away from these. I don't weigh myself I just have some particular clothes that I will put on ever now & then and see how they fit. I find weighing myself gets me down too much, I more looking for the inches. I drink a couple of litres of water every day and make sure I go for some kind of walk!!

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    Bec, have you been reading my diary LOL. I could relate to everything you said, including needing to lose 30 kilos

    I've been thinking a bit about this the last few days, when I've made no less than 4 ultimatums to myself ... "TODAY is going to be the day ..." on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and today 8-[

    For me, the problem I think boils down to perfectionism. The second I eat something that's not 100% healthy, I figure 'ahh, I've messed up again. Oh well, I'll start again tomorrow". But the point of healthy eating isn't to eat perfectly 100% of the time, it's to make healthier choices most of the time, and enjoy other choices for the rest of the time. I never let myself enjoy my treats ... I just feel guilty about them ... and I think I feel guily about them because in the past I have used one treat as an excuse to throw in the towel and go overboard. It's like I don't trust myself to have treats, because I know I can't control myself. I need to start viewing treats as a essential part of my healthy eating plan, rather than going off track. Eating something sweet/fatty etc is not going off track ... it's just part of the healthy eating journey that should only happen every now and then.

    Am I making any sense at all? I'm just kind of typing as I'm thinking LOL. For myself, I need to stop this 'all-of-nothing' thinking that leads me to eating the perfect diet for about 8 hours, and then eating the diet-from-hell for the rest of the afternoon.

    Sorry to ramble ... I just think I know where you're coming from, coz I'm in the same place ...

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