thread: Hello, I'm new and also trying to lose weight

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    Melzy Guest

    Hello, I'm new and also trying to lose weight

    Ok I'll start with my back ground, I have been ttcing casually for about 4 years, I want to get serious about it but in august landed myself in hospital because of my gallbladder. I need to have it taken out but first have to lose weight, I started at 91kg in august at the hospital and now aobut 83kg. I feel the weight loss is going incredibly slow, the docs want me at 70kg before they operate and my ideal weight is 55kg, which I would like to achieve after the operation. I saw the dietitian who made sensible suggestions and says slow weight loss is better in the long run but my operation date keeps getting shifted back further and it is frustrating.

    So does anyone have any suggestions on making my weight loss more successful? Or am I expecting too much?

    Here is a sample diet:

    Breakie, 2 weet-bix, with skim milk and a tsp sugar, and half a cup of orange juice

    Snack, 5 almonds

    Lunch, 1 wholemeal sandwich of chicken breast, low fat cheese slice, slice pineapple, carrot, tomato, lettuce and bbq sauce and lite dijonnaise.

    Snack, apple

    Dinner, lean steak, onion, potato, broccoli, carrots, corn and gravy.

    Sometimes I skip the snacks

    I also try to do a brisk walk about 45 minutes in the arvo and somedays in addition swim laps in the morning about 500m

    What are your thoughts? Any tips?

    Thanks for any comments, tips, suggestions.

    Merry Christmas

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    Apr 2003
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    Hi Melzy

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far. You have lost quite a lot there! Well done, remember that it will take time and as long as you are committed (which you certainly are!), you will get to your goal.

    After looking at your sample diet, it looks pretty good to me!! I reckon as long as you stick to a plan similar in protein content, carbohydrate content and grains, you should go well.

    Certainly your exercise regime is excellent!

    I think that you will do well. I understand that moving your op date is frustrating, but your journey there, be it slow, is also making you a healthy, strong person both physically and mentally. And who knows - in no time you might be announcing a brand new little you!! iykwim!! They reckon weight loss and healthy lifestyle really helps in the ttc game!

    Best wishes. Please PM me if you want to chat at all - I have been there too!

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    Melzy Guest

    Thanks Kelli

    Actually I have noticed an improvement in my cycles since adopting a healthier lifestyle, my LP seems to of improved from about 9dpo to about 13 dpo, I'm happy about that and can't wait to see if that is what was stopping me from concieving before but I have to wait for the op before ttcing. Hence some of the frustration but as long as the scales don't head in the wrong direction I'll be happy.

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    Aug 2004

    Melzy, looking at your diet plan, you seem to be having your heaviest meal in the evening which is not normally the best pattern.

    Generally the biggest meal is had in the morning to give you energy, to fill you up and so you have time to burn it followed with a medium sized lunch, what you are having for lunch now is fine and a lighter dinner. I would be getting rid of the carbs at night such as potato and having carbs for breakfast instead so you have the day to burn them off.

    I would suggest something more like two wholemeal pieces of toast with cheese and tomato for breakfast with a small glass of juice or a piece of fruit, c chicken or tuna salad for lunch and for dinner, a small portion of meat or fish with salad and a low carb veg like corn or something.

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    Great suggestions there Min!!

    Sounds like a winner.

    How are you doing Melzy?? Hope you are feeling fantastic!!

    Best wishes

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    Melzy Guest

    Sorry it took me so long to check in I hadn't realised I had gotten more replies, and thank you to all who took the time.

    Emma, I haven't looked into Herbalife, does it rely heavily on supplements? I'll have to look into it.

    Min, I have thinking of making dinner lighter but having a meal like that ensures I get my vegie quota, I'm not much for salad but I will give it some thought. If you don't mind me asking, are you pro atkins?

    Thank you for the suggestions

    As for my progress, I'm about 81kg so far, my dietitian is happy but he offers no guarantees that the surgeon will be happy, I see the surgeon on valentines day so I hope he is in a good mood. I am noticing a difference in my clothes and little more spring to my step, even my son commented the other day that my belly is smaller. \/ He starts grade 1 tomorrow, I am so nervous for him and I know it is going to be hard for him, there will be tears.

    Well better go, thanks again, all comments are welcome.

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    Hi Melzy,
    I am just curious as to why they want you to lose so much weight to have your gallbladder taken out?
    My sister had to have hers taken out about 2 weeks ago, and she is around 100kg. It is also usually done as a keyhole surgery so is not too invasive.

    Well done on your weightloss so far, 10kg is a great effort!!

    All the best,

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    Hi Melzy,

    Just saw your post from Dec and thought I would reply. Sounds like you are doing really well with the weight loss so far. This might sound strange but you may need to eat a little more because of the exercise you are doing to burn more fat. From some other successful weight loss stories from friends, adding cold pressed olive oil on salads helps as well as eating seeds during the day ie linseed, sesame and pumpkin. Low GI foods worked for me too.

    There are two totally opposite thoughts out there - The first is to graze all day to keep you metabolism going and the second is to only eat every 4 hours. It's confusing so I'm not sure which is the best.

    Your dietician should be able to work out a proper program for you. I went to a Naturopath which helped me to lose weight and pre-conception care.


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    Melzy Guest

    Thanks for the comments

    My next appointment with the surgeon is valentines day, if I'm 80kg then maybe he'll be happy if I'm 75kg. It would be keyhole surgery but I think the weight issue is his personal decision, reducing the risk of complications, that pobably very rarely occur. DH had his gallbladder removed via keyhole at 180kg, so I know it's possible but I'm not an urgent case so the doc would like to wait, I assuming. DH's was an emergency case.

    Well I'm not swimmng at the moment so hopefully the weight will keep moving, I hope everyone else who's dieting is seeing progress.

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    Aug 2004

    hi melzy, no i am not a fan of atkins, i am not a fan of any fad diets. reason being that your body needs carbohydrates, it needs protein and it needs fat and sugar.

    all of these categories have two sub sections ie, the good fats and the bad fats, it is just a matter of identifying which are the bad ones to stay away from. fat is fine, but saturated fat is not etc.

    also there are certain times of the day that you should have these things in order to get the benefits from them you need.

    would be great if it was easy hey!

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    Melzy Guest

    Yeah I've been reading up on bad fats and bad carbs etc, you're right it would be good if it was easier and less conflicting information.

    Thanks and best of luck