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Thread: Kicking the Coffee.....HELP!

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    Hi Jane....
    How are you going with the coffee thing ? I find it very hard to not drink coffee but I think I'm coming to the realisation that it actually the action I'm addicted to the most. I am happy with tea,chocolate,decaf,latte or whatever as long as I am holding a hot drink.I am sure that I would still get withdrawels if I stopped drinking full strength coffee but I just find it comforting as well as socialable to have that cup in my hand !!!!
    Also so far, I have read lot's on cutting back but I have never heard or have seen any first hand proof that it makes a difference ? I've got an open mind though & hopefully by cutting it out we will make our dream come true...
    Good luck & a big hug

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    Hi Girls,

    Don't beat yourself up about the occasional lapse.
    I tried to kick the coffee when TTC and on IVF. Had varying results with it. My specialist was of the opinion that up to three cups per day is completely fine. My naturopath told me all coffee was the devil incarnate. I tend to think somewhere around the middle worked for me. I found one cup per day or whatever actually kept me sane and I didn't feel like I was being deprived. It's a bit like being on a strict diet and not eating any sweets at all ... in the end it becomes all you can think about.

    Good luck with it all and with your treatment.



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    Must admit I cut to half-caff when I'm either a bit late or get a tummy upset in my LP, but the way I see it is that moderation is the key (and I'll be cutting to decaff if I ever do get pg). I mean, 500 years ago everyone in the UK drank low-alc beer, not water, as the water was icky and it didn't stop them having babies. Same with wine in southern Europe and tea in China. Although it was a lot weaker than we'd have now, I still think that if you "lapse" a little bit it won't have a huge negative effect.

    (I once gave up all caffine for Lent - tea, coffee, cola, chocolate, the works (even the decaff stuff): that first cup of coffee at Easter was bliss! I will certainly be on decaff for any pregnancy!)

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    Hi everyone,

    I recently heard that too much coffee (even just 2 cups a day) can reduce your bodies ability to hydrate/use the water that you drink.

    I am on a health & fitness kick at the moment, and am drinking about 2.5l a water a day.

    But it seems a bit mad to be drinking coffee as a negative effect?

    So, here I go again with the giving up coffee. (I have already done it 3 times when pg each time.......)

    Any brilliant tips to keep my coffee cravings at bay?

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    Afraid I am a rabid caffeine addict but a friend gave up coffee a few years ago.

    She changed having a coffee to having a cup of hot water. If she really didn't feel like water, she would have a 1/4 cup of orange juice topped up with 3/4 cup of hot water. Sounds gross to me but it worked for her. Also having a hot milk at a time you would normally have a coffee is an option too.

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