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Thread: Swimming and weight loss

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    Unhappy Swimming and weight loss

    I just started at the gym and was all gung ho for a month and lost 2kg. But my legs were killing me, found out I have shin splints. I didn't even run or anything just walking on the treadmill and bike nothing high impact. I am about 15 kilos heavier than I want to be so now I am going to try swimming but have heard that swimming is not good for weight loss? Has anyone has success with swimming? It is either that or starvation!!!

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    Wow, who told you it is no good for weightloss!? ANY cardio is good for weightloss but as with all other types of exercise, you get out what you put in. That means you need to go regularly and swim at a level where you are slightly out of breath, and keep at that level for a good amount of time.

    So doing the breaststroke at a snail's pace for 20 mins will not shift the kilos but doing freestyle for 30+ certainly will. Ever seen a fat olympic swimmer?


    PS - your shin splints will heal and then you can SLOWLY get back into the gym. Being injured sucks but it isn't forever.

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    The trick with any cardio activity is to keep your heart rate up for at least 30mins. Most people start swimming and find it hard so only do about 15mins worth.. and you haven't really budged the fat.

    Avoid swimming like you're in a marathon, just keep a constant pace and if tired, rest for a couple of mins, then get back into it. before you know it, you'll be swimming for 40-60mins straight and losing weight.

    That's how I lost my weight, b/c the thought of running makes me cringe plus I have big boobs which are not conducive to bouncing sports!

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    I second what Hoobley said. I had shin splints, it's taken about a month but it's all better now. I didn't stop exercising which is why mine took so long. If you rest they should be healed within a week or two. Depends on what type of shin splints though. Someone posted me this link and it's really helpful Shin Splints

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    Swimming is great for weightloss and also for all over toning. Like the others said, you have to do it so you are slightly out of breath and keep at it for 30min. And going regularly (3 times a week) also helps. I find swimming the best as it exercise each and every muscle in your body.

    Give it a go

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    Yep, totally agree with everything everyone has said so far. I've always used eithe swimming or walking as my form of exercise.

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    I must admit I love swimming and if you can get some ocean swimming in where you HAVE to keep swimming and can't stop at the end then it will certainly provide some excellent cardio work.

    What about cycling? Is that a possibility? Cycling is going to be easier to keep your heartrate up and you could do a workout where you do the stationary bike and then go in for a swim if you need to build up how long you can swim for.

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    I would certainly recommend swimming for weight loss.

    I don't go every day, but I swim twice a week, for 45 mins......steady freestyle in a 50m pool. (on the other days I use a stationary bike, which I have grown to love.)

    My joints always feel so fluid and supple after a swim.......I would go daily but its impossible with my 3 I go on the days they are in childcare, in my lunchbreak. It's freezing at the moment, LOL, but I love it.

    I've lost a fair amount of weight since November.....I can't attribute it all to swimming, but it certainly helps.......

    Good luck!

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