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Thread: Weight Loss Support ~ September-October 07

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    Name: Michelle
    Start Weight: 95kilos
    Current Weight:
    Ideal Weight: 50 ~ 55 kilos
    I weighed 95kilos the day i had Eleanor and i hope i can reach 55kilos by the time she is a year old. I am doing weight watchers at the moment but haven't followed my points for a while now.

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    Yes there are a few becs around.

    Becksie, you certainly will be a lot closer than WA.

    It's probably a bit late this arvo but I've been putting my food into CK and mum is bringing around fish and chips for us for tea (naughty I know but it's grilled fish). well I am no where near meeting my calorie intake for today. That's not meant to be what happens.
    Any one got suggestions. I can only really think of naughty foods that would get me high enough to satisfy calorie intake recommended for me.

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    I have been real good yesterday morning, but the afternoon got me. DD is not sleeping at night (I think/wonder/hope she is teething) so I am tired and if I am tired I need my sugar and all that lovely no-no's!! It started when I could not make up my mind about what to have for lunch, all down-hill from there. I am being weighed this afternoon. I know I would have picked up something, but hopefully not a whole kilo.
    My DH is sick, I hate him being sick! I think I am coming down with something, I am moaning! I just feel so down in the dumps and this is not healthy for my will power - I am an emosional eater!
    I do use mouthwash for that bitter taste in my mouth, but it does not last long enough. Maybe I should keep a bottel in my deskdrawer - Thanks for the advice!

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