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thread: Weight Loss Support ~ September-October 07

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    Weight Loss Support ~ September-October 07

    Welcome to the Weight Loss Support thread.

    Please remember this is for weight loss, any other general chit chat can be removed at the moderators discretion.

    Goodluck to you all with achieving your goals.
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    Taia's Mum Guest

    Ok I'll repost my details in here! God I hope you all come in! Scary being the only one in here! hehe

    Ok here we go!

    Starting weight : 70kg
    Goal : Between 58kg-60kg
    Quick History : I'm trying to loose my baby weight! I put on 20kg with my DD and so far I have only managed to shift 5kg. My diet is up and down - it all depends on what I have time for!
    I tend to only manage a coffee for breakfast or maybe a few times a week a bowl of 3weetbix. Lunch usually hits about 2pm and I will make a salad sandwich. Dinner tends to be up and down but it does tend to be healthy most times! Meat with salads and or veg. I used to go for 1 to 2 walks per day but I got really dissapointed because I was not seeing any weight shift! So now I have really given up on that. Although with all the running around I do with DD, DH the dogs and looking after the house I do feel like I get a bit of exercise! lol!
    My biggest problem is the jelly belly and the thunder thighs.
    I am going away on Tuesday for a week and a half so I won't have much time to read up in here but I will be getting more exercise because I will be around family who will make me do it! So fingers crossed I go down and not up!

    That was scarier than I thought but feels good to get it out there! hehe!

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    I've been on the Tony Ferguson program for 9 or so weeks, I started on 14 July.

    Starting weight : 97kg
    Current weight : 80kg
    Goal : Between 72-75kg
    Quick History : I put on 35+kg during my pregnancy. Prior to that I had lost 23 kilos and had let it all off til about 12 weeks in to my pregnancy. I managed to lose 15 kilos pretty fast initially, but put some back on again and stayed around 92 til mid this year when I went back up to 97. .

    Fast forward to today, I have lost about 17 kilos since July 14, and am feeling a lot better. Most of my pre-preg stuff is fitting again - even things that I know only fit me at my goal weight fit now, so I think the weight I'm carrying is distributed differently or something.

    My original aim was to get to goal by Christmas, but now I am hoping to get to my goal weight by October 27, for my brothers engagement party.

    Last night I really broke the prgram though, I went to my cousins 21st! Finger food, chocolate cake and rayray does not a good mix make.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2007

    Welcome everybody to this new thread, I hope we all get something out of it!
    Ray Ray- Cant believe youve lost so much weight in such a short time. Thats awesome! This Tony Ferguson thing seems to work well, but I cant do diets that require supplements etc. After the 2nd day or so, I gag at the sight of the packaging (lol)
    Im hoping to lose about 10-12 kg by christmas and really hope that having you guys here for support will make a difference for me, because frankly Im getting pretty desperate. Feel like Ive been on this same roundabout of ups/downs for years and now that im officially "in my thirties" I want to free myself once and for all!
    Already Im inspired - Im off to do an exercise dvd. Wish me luck

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    *las* Guest

    Hi all!

    Hoping I can join in! I am on a mission to get results! Am on an enforced break from IVF (car died and used my $1000 for my last ET to repair it ), so have decided to use this time to lose a LOT of weight. Hoping to transfer last embie end November/early December. My SIL is also getting married 1st December, so 2 reasons to get into shape!

    Starting weight : 98kg
    Current weight : 98kg
    Goal : Between 75-80kg
    Quick History : I have PCOS so following a low GI diet. After losing very little baby weight, then nearly 3 years of fertility treatment and IVF leading to gradual weight gain, and 3 miscarriages which have lead to a lot of comfort eating, I have stacked on a massive 15-ish kg's this year I started last Monday so I'm just into my first week and have yet to weigh. I'm also doing aerobics videos at home every day.

    RayRay - WOW!! That is some amazing weight loss already! I've heard lots about the TF diet, but I just can't drink the shakes

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    Feb 2006
    NSW Central Coast

    Ok so this is IT!!! I have been saying that since myDD was born, but maybe if I can see that figures and be accountable, I will be able to do it...

    Start Weight: 86kg
    Current Weight:86kg
    Goal Weight:60-66kg
    Height:165cm (about 5'3ish?)
    Quick History:I have put on at least 5kgs with each of my pg. With this last one,I put on 10kg then when I had her, I actually lost 2kgs on my pre pg weight. BUT!! I am now back up to the same weight I was the week that I gave birth *hangs head in embarrassment*. My BMI tells me that I am boarderline obese!! I am unfit and unhealthy and completely uncomfortable in my skin. I will be loosley following Weight Watchers, though not actually doing the programme. I have had success with it in the past, losing 7kgs about five yrs ago on it. I have loined the gym and plan to go every second day, and walk with my DD other days.
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    Mar 2007
    outer South East Melbourne

    Starting weight: 81 kgs (a few months ago)
    Current weight: 77.3 kgs
    Ideal weight: 60kgs (or less)

    I'm 5 foot 3 so I'm way too heavy. My weight started to come on in my late 20's when I first started to TTC. I had the opinion that I would be pregnant soon so it didn't matter if I put some weight on I'd lose it afterwards. I still have all the weight on me and I'm 41.... and childless. In my mid twenties I was a size 8-10 now I'm a 16-18 in most clothes (some jeans size 14).

    Since the miscarriage in March I've been watching what I eat a bit, but not following any plan. Since throwing my man out last weekend I have lost around a kilo. Now that I don't have a man and child in the house to tempt me with junk I'm hoping it will be easy to start to lose some more weight.

    I'm also going to attempt to walk the dog every day.

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    Jul 2006

    I'll be joing you all soon gals!! Cant wait to help each other thru something that we are all in here for!!

    Goooooood Luck

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    Sep 2006

    Hi Girls!! WOW this has really kicked off hasnt it!!

    I am happy to keep track of all the weigh ins etc and I will post it in a new post on each weigh in. So this is what I suggest we put in that post...
    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    this would be the day of the weigh ins
    Ideal Weight:
    in this bit you can put down anything from a quick background (ie: losing baby weight, losing weight for TTC etc), any exercise and diet you do and anything else you want to include.

    What do you think?! If you want anything else added or dont like my idea, let me know! I will bbs to get what I have so far together and add myself in, just gotta feed DD!

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    Jun 2007

    Hi Ngala- sounds like a plan. Are we wanting to do our Official first weigh in tomorrow? Then every monday morning after that? Im happy to. What about everyone else? Can we also put in our height so we have a bit more of what we're all working with (body shape wise)?

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    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

    Ohh, I need some motivation

    Name: Rebecca
    Start weight: 70KG
    height: 160cm
    Current Weight: 70kg (just getting started no change yet)
    Ideal Weight: 60kg or less

    Notes: Gave birth 6 weeks ago now, and was 78 kg then, lost 8 without trying, which means the rest is up to me. I have been addicted to ice cream and chocolate for the past 6 weeks too, and decided this week I wasn't buying any, going cold turkey.
    I lost weight over 2 years before becoming pg, and used weight watchers to kick start so I will be using what I learned then. I hope to do a fair bit of walking to help things along.
    Good luck to you all.

    I'm happy to do official weigh ins on Mondays too

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    Jul 2006
    In Doula~ville

    Well I'm here and I am going to give this all I can this time, and it feels so good to be anble to have some support this time. Well my weight has changed since I last wieghed myself which was a couple of weeks ago and I could cry. I hate myself so much, I hate looking in the mirror and dont if I can help it.

    Name: soul aka Jay
    Start Weight: 94 kg
    Current Weight: 88.5
    Ideal Weight: 65 kg

    omg looking at how much I weigh and how much I have to get to makes me cringe with disgust at myself, I am only 33 years old and should be running with my kids and feeling fancy and free ad in summer time I should be getting a cosie on and swimming and enjoying my life as much as the kids do theres! I know I can do this if I have all of your support , I have DH but womens is much better, cause they are so more intune on the level I am on.

    Well I will weigh in tomorrow and that is the set weight I will be, then I will come in here everyday and talk to you all, and will weigh again following Monday and if I have lost 1 kilo omg I will personally send you all a cyber hug!!

    Also would you all if, who ever gets to a five kilo loss I can send them a small gift via posting them something, I will personally take care of this, it will be a small gift sent to there home, but its enough to make them feel proud of themselves and encouragement to keep going, so who ever gets to the mark that they have lost five kilo's I will want you to pm me your address and a gift is on its way!! How does that sounds ladies, are you all ok with this?

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    Our castle is now full

    Nov 2004
    Western Australia

    You are lovely Jay to think of that..very nice thought.

    Im sooo motivated. Since Sammy weaning 3 weeks ago it feels like I have my body back...sounds silly as i love breastfeeding him but kwim?

    Looking forward to sharing this journey.

    Start weight 82kgs
    Goal weight 67kg

    Yeeehaaar..here we come


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    Jul 2006
    In Doula~ville

    jo my sweet, its my way to keeo myself motivated if I can think of everybody else then it keeps me going to kwim? So if you lose your first five kilo's I will send you something really nice that you can keep forever!!

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    Mar 2006

    Hi everyone. I would love to join you guys and lose my excess weight. I would love to blame baby weight but I was one of the lucky women who went back to their pre pregnancy weight quickly but since then I have ballooned out agian due to being lazy and loving chocolate, cakes and naughty foods .
    I've never successed on a diet before so hopefully with the support from you lovely ladies fingers crossed we can all loose weight.

    Name: Dan
    Current weight: approx 73kg (will get accurate weight in morning)
    Height: 160cm
    Goal Weight: 65kg is my first goal. Will reassess and set another goal when I have achieved this one. I don't want to set my goal to high to start.

    Let's go team

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    Jul 2006
    In Doula~ville

    Dan I am the same, I cant blame it on pregnancy as I was actually very healhty during pregnany and didnt put on barley anything, its the "Now" I have been putting back on, ice-cream is a big no no for me!

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    Apr 2007
    SE QLD

    Soul - Thats a fantastic idea - what motivation! Will it be like a printed certificate - perfect to stick on your fridge.

    Just a question - what day of the week is weigh-in day? I'll have to find a chemist on my walk that has scales to weigh both myself and Jensen, so I can be consistent.

    Name: Rhianon (sconeonamission)
    Start Weight: 89kg
    Current Weight: 89kg
    Ideal Weight: 75kg (for now - least thats sort of attainable and realistic)
    Notes: I had my baby in August 07 and at 4wks I've got 1kg to go to be back to my pre-baby weight!
    I'm looking to now lose some more weight, which will hopefully reduce the hideous look of my mummy tummy. I lost 10kg back in 2005, so if I could do it then, I can do it now. Also, my DH is trying to lose weight too, so I can be motivation for him as well. I'm going to start walking every day to start things off and try and fix my sore back.

    Good luck ! Stay positive! We can motivate each other!

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    Jul 2006
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    Rhianon sweetie, a realitic goal is the best, so maybe we should all have a realistic goal weight but also a dream goal weight!!!!!!!!! And yep free "Gift" to all who loses there first five kilo's. Can't say what it will be because its a surpriseeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!

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