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Thread: weightloss and BF?

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    Default weightloss and BF?

    Hey everyone

    I have just had my little boy 2 weeks ago he was 10 lbs 13 oz (or 4.9kgs) wasnt a small baby at all, I also had him via c section. After my 1st (which was also over 10 lbs and by c sect) I held all my baby weight after for quiet sometime because I was not fit enough to exercise to do anything about it, it took me 12 months after my 1st to be able to exercise. I feel alot better after this operation though already.

    I am so keen to kick this baby weight. I have been feeling a little depressed since yesterday when I went to the chemist to get anti-biotics for a mild infection in my scar, when the lady behind the counter said "I am sorry but its policy to ask - how far are you?" I was confused and replied "how far what?" then she almost fell over and said "oh my god im so so sorry" and I said "no its ok i had my baby 2 weeks ago" (he was in the car with dad) and the funny thing is im not even that big around my belly no more, I see alot of women with pot bellys like mine naturally who havnt had kids and who arent pregnant, so I thought it was quiet rude of her to ask such a question a more appropriate question would of been "are you currently pregnant?" I feel like such a huge fat heffa now. The bottom of my tummy is so sore under the skin and the doctor says i still have alot of swelling.

    I have dropped 10 kilo's instantly after having my bubba, but its kinda stopped. I am breastfeeding and want to know if theres any way to loose weight while breastfeeding and if anyone can reccommend anything?

    After my 1st baby after 12 months I went on tony ferguson and nuts on exercise and lost 20 kgs before i fell pregnant with number 2 baby, and now im back where i started. I am one of those women who have to work hard to keep after baby weight off and to loose it, doesnt just fall off naturally like alot of other women.

    So can anyone help?

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    Have you looked into weight watchers. They have plans you can do while breastfeeding. I am looking at starting it. It looks pretty good.

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    Congratulations on your healthy boy!!! WOW 4.9kg. You don't need to exercise ... you can just lift him up and cuddle him all day!!

    I read in a baby mag (OMG I am not sure it was in a magazine ... I can't remember where I read it!!! ) just last week about dropping kg's after breastfeeding. They said the secret is this:

    Don't eat twice as much, eat twice as healthy

    Made sense to me
    On the exercise, start slowly. Walking with bub in a pram is always a good idea, get your heart pumping and your endorphines flowing ... and burn some fat. Just wait till after your 6 week check-up. My gyne told me I can start walking when I can climb two flights of steps without getting out of breath or having discomfort.

    HTH! Goodluck!

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    really jojo? weightwatchers do a diet for breastfeeding mothers? oh yipppeee!! I will have to look into it, thankyou so much for letting me know, probbaly be good for bub too I imagine getting all healthy food as well.

    Nadine thats hallarious but true i could just lift that little heavyweight all day huh? he hurts my back when i hold him too long hehe. It does make sense too to eat more healthy not twice as much, its hard though I have an uncontrollable hunger since breastfeeding its unreal!

    Thanks girls I will look into weightwatchers I think, sounds like a great idea

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    Danielle, I'm starting WW next week after the all clear at my 6 weeks appt. Because I'm in the middle of nowhere I'm doing it online.



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    Congratulations on your baby boy!

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    Nadine- thanks for the 'eat twice as healthy' thing... that's my new mantra!

    I very proudly lost 18 kgs before falling pregnant.. I'm now back where I was before I lost all my weight and I haven't lost much since giving birth.. as I'm only expressing my milk and not technically 'breastfeeding' - I'm not sure that it's helping with the traditional BF weight loss thing.

    I've been walking most days since my first week home from hossy - trouble is I too am hungry all the time and never can be bothered with getting the healthy food. Eating a lot of bread & crap food (mmm chocolate!) which is definately not helping me!

    Think I'll get a nice big bowl full of fruit to snack on (good one-handed food!) and will try to plan out some meals to eat 'twice as healthy'!!

    Tried some sit ups & push ups the other day and think I'll have to start all over again there! Could only manage 3 push ups! Was up to 20 before falling pregnant!

    Good luck to everyone for their weight loss!

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