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Thread: What Domestic duties have you achieved today? #3

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    Thank you MWB. You're right, the agent didn't say anything nice

    Today, I did a bit of grocery shopping (which included laundry liquid, so now I can actually do some washing, not that I'm that far behind),
    washed some dishes,
    had lunch (that's a biggy for me!)
    making a bulk lot of waffles (to freeze and take to my Mum's tomorrow, cos its my birthday),
    trying to work out what to serve with marinated chicken wings for dinner (and how long to cook them for! Oh, I know, I'll look in my bible [AWW cookbook ]),
    contemplating making a spotted d*ck pudding to also take with me tomorrow.

    Getting off the computer now, going to put some washing on, (I know, I know, should have done it earlier), do some more waffles..... Figure out dinner....

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    That's ok Netix - I had years of the rental roundabout messing with my mojo!
    And also to add to that - Partners & Husbands! You do SOOO much and they get home and go... What? I don't notice anything...
    The best days are where I just dry mop the floors and do a quick swiff here and then, and hide the rest, and he goes, WOW you had a really really busy day... Good for you (and I'm thinking- TURD! I did 5 minutes!!)
    Today my DH is at work, and I have 3 darlings with me so we might actually shun the house (apart from benches, beds and bathroom) and get my vegie patch kick started. Anyone for the Bunny Shop?? (Bunnings)
    Also have to catch up on office things - wrapping prez, send letters, and paperwork...
    Good luck with the spotted 'manhood' Netix!

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    Today I have achieved:
    • Cleaning the basin in the laundry/bathroom,
    • Washed and put away dishes (a couple of times already),
    • Brought washing in, folding, and put away,
    • Hosted my Dad and his new wife for lunch for my birthday (which was yesterday)- the Man cooked bbq, I made potato salad (dressing in a jar ), Dad brought cake and trifle!,
    • Done my makeup (never do that!)
    • and not much else!

    No, the Man is actually right when he says he comes home and nothing is different. It really isn't! I confess I still haven't got the things out of our wardrobe and sorted them out. Well, I got the box out and put it back on the floor, but there is that and a heap of clothing that needs to be sorted. I didn't get around to making the pudding, and all of the waffles have gone already! (Six went with the Boy to his Mum's, we ate five on Friday, and the last eight went to my Mum's! Bugger, now have to make more! They aren't difficult, but I need a timer that isn't super loud so that I don't go over the five minute cooking time!)

    I want the bunny shop! I have figured I would like a herb garden (well, in pots) for my birthday, since all I have been given is lunch and a cake.

    I didn't do anything at home yesterday either, and that's cos I went to my Mum's for the day and stayed the night (since the Man was working all day, and was a very tired boy when he got home anyway).

    I have been very good for the last few days, and kept the dishes up to date (except for the few I left yesterday morning), and being picking things up as I go around the place.

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    I find weekends really mess with my 'flow-as-you-go' cleaning. I just really stall on the weekends, and now Monday I have a few mammoths to tackle (washing!)

    I started my vegie patch in my kids broken plastic shell thing (the ones with the lid - sandpit/water thing?) I drilled some 'more' holes in it and filled it with dirt and manure.
    Today is a kid free day so I will be dropping them off at school and running some errands, then tackling some washing and housework without little feet to run through my freshly mopped floors...

    I really need to pick up the pace in regards to 'everyday' cleaning, DH is getting a bit grumpy and I really, don't see stuff... (I don't know why)

    So this week - I am going to SWITCH ON and do the little things. Folding clothes. Making beds... Keeping on top of children wrangling so they don't invade the pantry and make more mess...

    Good luck with your domestic goddess duties!

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    Good luck to you too, MWB.

    We had a sleep in this morning (as we seem to do every morning), but I have already emptied Steph's nappy bin (and put it in the big bin before it was collected- I made the Man put it out last night), opened curtains so the house seems brighter, picked up some toys and clothes, made the bed very nicely, and put a load of washing on.

    I couldn't figure out why Steph's laundry basket was so full. It had two cot/pram blankets in it, and some other clothing that was (the last time I saw them) next to the basket on a box. I only figured out after having put it all in the machine and selecting 'extra-large' wash and turning it on so that it had water going in that Steph must have put them in the basket yesterday when I asked her to put something else in there, and my Dad's wife went with her to see what she did. Oh well. At least they'll be clean!

    Today I also have to: wash and put away last night's dishes, fold a basket of washing, empty (sort, wash, put away, etc) a couch and armchair in our front little area so that they can be picked up. They are covered in clothes, and stuff that has been emptied out from the cars. So, lots of little bits of junk really.

    I need to SWITCH ON now too, go have some breakfast ( Steph too), and get moving. Last night I wrote a list of things to do daily, every second day or so, and weekly. Let's see if I can stick to it. If I am, I'm really going to have to move along a few gears!

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    Netix - ARRR about the clean washing - happens to me all the time with my little helpers...
    Sometimes I have to double sort the washing to work out dirty clothes from 'dumped' clothes...

    Ditto on the big pile of washing (mine is actually the breakfast table/thing) which is a haven for dumping clothes with good intentions.

    I came up with a really really great idea overnight. It sorta lends to the FlyLady clingy's. I have a terrible habit of leaving the hose on, which really pee's my DH off. So I was laying in bed, and BAM! We have two outdoor taps, so anytime I go to turn the tap on, I am going to slip A FLUORO orange hair-tye on my wrist... Then when I turn it off, I'll put it back on the tap. So then I thought I would do the same for washing, but in PINK. So if I have 3 loads on the line, I'll have three hairtye's on my wrist. They will only come off when the stuff is folded and put away...

    Great idea about the list too. I did one up, Of everday (benches, bathroom, beds etc) and then in italics, I put FORTNIGHTLY TASKS - sheets (alternating ours with kids), rooms (proper clean). Here's a snippet... I just copied and pasted for Mon-Fri, and then I changed each daily task... Sometimes it's good to just to have a little reminder to get you kickstarted instead of dawdling. I have a MEGA DAY TODAY and my mum is coming over to keep the little ones supervised so I can just POWER ON today. GO TEAM!

    Get up Routine:
    c BEDRM: make bed
    c BATHRM: dress face sink washing
    c KIT: coffee/ Lunches/pills
    c COFFEE
    Morning Routine:
    c Kids beds
    c kids rooms
    c gather washing
    c dress kids
    c wash on
    c gather dishes
    c Empty dishwasher
    c breakfast
    c Dishes
    c Benches
    c Toilet
    c Morn T/lunches


    c Clear out fridge
    c Empty rubbish bins
    c Make grocery list
    c Cari’s Room
    c Cari clothes

    c FN: Bathroom
    c FN2: Toilet

    Downstairs Time:

    c Hang clothes
    c Rumpus room
    c vacuum
    c wipe
    c toys
    c Empty bins
    c Quick office clear

    Afternoon Routine:
    c Finish any tasks
    c Take washing in
    c Fold and put away
    c Prepare Dinner
    c Rump Room
    c Load DW
    c benches
    c 10 mins tidy
    c Lay clothes out
    Shower, teeth, bed

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    I can send you my original template if you want. You can just go in and change the things you need to get done. Hope it helps you!

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    I love my little helper. She knows what the rubbish bin is, the recycling box, and her laundry basket are. I just need to filter through the recycling box before I empty it into the big bin, in case she leaves a drink bottle or hair clip in there!

    Clothes around here usually are just socks which the Man leaves (only occasionally) next to his boots in the evening when he can't be bothered walking them to the bedroom. Its not like he even has to go up stairs to do it!

    I also love your idea of the hair ties on your wrist. Magnificent. If I did that for my tasks (not just washing), I'd end up with tan lines, and start a fashion trend! I have had a bit of a look at the Fly Lady's website, but didn't get a chance to go through it in any depth. It seems good so far though. Will have to go back for a more thorough read.

    Further to my list, I also had an idea last night! To make up little cards (and laminate them so I can write extra things on them, also cross tasks out accomplished with a chinagraph pencil then rub it off again for the next day, and maybe punch holes in them so that they fit into my organiser which I am going to start using again next year. That being the case, I would have several months to perfect my lists before creating some nice ones to go in my organiser. If I can find it, that is. Its somewhere amongst my stuff at my Mums house.... Unused for many years )
    Just had another thought. Maybe also put a little inspirational comment or quote on a few... So many maybe's, just have to "do".

    I like your MEGA DAY, it seems like the showcase round of a game show, really special, and what you have to work really hard on. So you have a list for each day, Monday to Friday? I think that is what I would do too. And as you have previously said, its a bit difficult to do much with littlies (and biggies) around underfoot on the weekends, and the whole routine is shot anyway. I think I would still need to have a short list for the weekends. I like the fact coffee is on your get up list twice . Only one thing confuses me. What is this "REST TIME" you mention? What is that?

    If you could send me your template, that would really be fantastic, and most appreciated. You are such a help, and a great motivator. I feel almost like I have to do work at my house so that I don't let you down. How odd is that?

    Speaking of doing work, I made the bed this morning, did my makeup, put dishes away, am making a huge batch of breakfast mini muffins for the Man to make sure he eats, hung up a load of washing (from yesterday ), and have two baskets of washing to fold. So, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to continue my quest to become a Domestic Goddess.

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    MWB that isbrill- you are FLYLADY

    you email me to ?? will PM you my email addy-

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    OMG I am so not fly-lady!! Wow, that's an honor, but let me tell you...
    As I said to Netix, I get distracted easy by shiny objects so it's nice sometimes to have a list. And you feel fantastic to tick it all off!
    PM me and I'll send it through... Also to anyone who is interested. Obviously you'll have to change your daily routines, but at least this will give you a rough idea. Also it is based 'loosely' on flylady's principals, I just made it to suit my lifestyle...

    BTW - MEGA DAY (And here is the SOOOOOOOPER SHOWCASE!!) And lovin' it!! (Except the 5 loads of washing to be folded - Do that after dinner and whilst telly is on... )

    PMSL about the REST TIME Netix - I soooooo know what you mean!!

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    OMG ladies are we ready??

    I am in a cranky mood with my DH and house - so I will use this negative energy constructively and CHUCK OUT CLUTTER!!

    I am going to:
    store my winter clothes
    Clear out storage are behind bar and chuck anything we haven't used.
    Also move kids toys from behind there and clear out their toy area.
    Clear out my DH's closet - all the stuff he NEVER wears (I swear I would never do this, but it's getting beyond control now)

    I bought 10 x storage tubs MONTHS ago with the plan to do all of this, and I AM SICK OF IT NOW.

    A cranky mood is best to clear out unneeded stuff...

    All my fat clothes, skinny clothes, ugly clothes, OMG my butt is huge in this clothes are GOING TODAY.


    WATCH OUT!!!

    Wish me luck!

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    Um, good luck (That is the closest look I could find for being scared! )

    I get agro like that a bit, but unlike you, I can't seem to make it turn into 'action'. Definitely the best of luck. Don't come back in here until you've done at least one of those things!

    I ask my Man to sort his clothes out sometimes too, and he actually did it the other week. It was terrific, I think he got rid of probably twenty items?

    Storage tubs? OMG, I haven't even got those! I have a lot of nappy boxes (they never get thrown out! ), so I just use those instead, and the Babylove ones are more sturdy and sealed than the huggies ones, which is another bonus. My Mum used one box yesterday to pack away a double doona I bought the other day from the Salvos for $2.75 (it is the most fabulous, thick, soft doona, 90% goose down, 10% goose feather, and was just dry cleaned so all I did was hang it up in the sun for a few days, but I have no need for it at the moment- as Mum says, we [both] have doonas coming out of our ears!, but I couldn't not buy it ).

    Sorry about that! I don't need to do most of the things on my list today, so I guess that means I will try to tackle other things that need doing, like getting into the little sheds, and sorting those out. In one word, eek. I have a lot of kitchen stuff in one, which I was trying to get rid of. But I think I will seriously sort it and keep what I think we would need in a holiday caravan (onsite), so that if/when we buy one (we are half contemplating one atm), I don't have to spend more money on buying more things I just got rid of. I think that is the main reason I bought the doona.

    Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks Annette.
    Some days it sh.ts me to get this way when I am cranky - I'd rather sit on the couch all day and do nothing. I think to myself, well, WHAT IF I DON't DO ALL THE STUFF I DO! And take a holiday!! See how that goes!! Then I get into a funk, and just start...

    I'm just cranky today... But I just spent 1 hour on the phone to my mate whilst folding clothes and putting away the winter stuff, I have really done wonders upstairs today, just vac and mop now..

    I did use cardboard boxes for ages but this is all the 'long-storage' stuff, like books, and trinkets that we put away so the kids didn't break them... I have soooo many storage tubs...

    I even moved all our outdoor furniture out the front and hosed, and made a 'grown-ups' area for the afternoons when our neighbours come over and we have a few drinks... It looks really nice now, with big palms and our swinging seat. I just wanted to create an area where I could chill, and relax... No more kids bikes zooming past!

    I am having a better day now, just got to keep going. I get really tired around 12 ish so better go have another cuppa.... Maybe I should ring my DH and get all cranky again so I'll finish my jobs this afternoon!!

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    I just can't get myself to make the start.

    That was a good hour spent on the phone, multitasking.

    We have two small garden sheds (well, not all that small really, maybe three by two point five metres each?), plus an outdoor loo (which I have stacked a lot of our camping stuff in, but have run out of room!), that just seem to be full of cr*p. Boxes and boxes of books, toys, christmas tree, halloween stuff... SO MUCH STUFF!!!! If I want to go in there and try and find something, I start at one side of the doorway, sort through boxes, and restack them once I've been through them, if I can get to them without another torrent of boxes falling on me. Hmm, storage tubs would be a much better idea. What size ones do you find the best? And probably wouldn't hurt to get rid of some junk here either!

    I am jealous of your grown up area . We do have a LOT of undercover area, and whenever it gets cleared and tidied, some other amount of cr*p accumulates there, and once again, it is unusable. I have a garden bench outside my front door (but all this area is behind a big gate and fence, back from the street), which I can't even sit on, because it is covered in motorbike gear (which I am going to put in to the wardrobe in the garage) and other tools, and just stuff that doesn't have a home or people (usually the Man) is too lazy to put away. He never puts his tools away (and by golly, he has a LOT of tools), and he tells me that I can't put my few garden tools in the little front shed (which is perfect for gardening stuff), as he has his tools and car stereo and whatever else in there. All up, we have the front little shed (the old people used to make beer in there!), a huge double garage with workshop area and storage area out the back (read: spider breeding ground), the two garden sheds, and outdoor loo. I got the garden sheds, which I can't move in, because crap keeps getting piled up in there. No, hang on, all the sheds and garage is like that. Doesn't matter. Sorry, I was having a bit of a vent too. And the other thing is I can't get to the garden sheds if Steph is awake, as they are in the dogs' part of the yard, and she would probably hurt herself in there anyway. Sorry again.

    All I have done today is get up (haven't even made the bed! Will do that now), washed my face, done my makeup, cleaned the basin, got dressed, had breky, and had lunch.

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    Sounds like you have HEAPS of storage!! You just have to make it work for you!
    I would go and buy some storage tubs - I just got all my xmas stuff into 3 big ones, and they roll, so if you need one, just roll out the stack, and re-stack them until you get to the box you need.
    They are pretty cheap now, I picked these up in Kmart for $8 each, and they are 57 litres, which are really big (enough to put a xmas tree in one!)

    I understand about the man's stuff. I was soooo frustrated, we have a back shed which was a spider-world. We would just dump stuff in there TO GO TO THE DUMP!! We cleared it out a few weeks ago, and now it just houses paint and wood. That's it.

    Under our house is a rumpus room/bar, and a little room which is my office. The rest just looks like one big garage. We had sooo much trouble because I wanted it to look decent (it is the first bit you walk into as you enter the house - we are usually downstairs) but my DH wanted all his tools there. He ended up making huge shelves out of doors, and but I couldn't stand the visual clutter. So I tacked a big sheet up to cover it. Compromise...
    We also have two wardrobes next to it, one for me (office/study/uni books etc) and his (whipper snipper, speakers etc)... Deisignate his area, cordone it off, and leave it alone. Then it is HIS MESS. Designate a storage area for YOURSELF.

    So.... let's tackle your problem step by step. Start with your chill out zone... Now, don't forget, I am Miss Bargain Queen so I don't want you to spend a fortune. But I think you need to sit down, even for days, and work out a place for everything. Tools - this area. Camping - in the toilet (which is ???) Don't try to do it all in one day, and most importantly, try to get DH to help. I am sure if you start going through his tools and bike stuff, he will jump up to help.

    Motobike gear - big storage box under your bench, next to your bench, but not on it. You need to create a zone for you and DH to sit down and chat in the afternoons. We live in sunny NQ so outside areas are like our living rooms!

    Suggest to your DH about having a garage sale, hiring a skip, and getting Nanna or someone to mind bub whilst you guys attack it all.

    I don't think you are running out of space, it just needs a few tweaks to get it all in it's place.
    Don't worry, I am not a clean freak, both my DH and I are "Just In Case We Need It One-Day' hoarders. That is why there is 6 Dvd players behind the bar...

    Check out Crazy Clarks this week - they have 2 x 48 litre boxes for $18. Or put a stack on layby at Kmart next time they have a sale! I go for clear one just for consistancy.

    Good luck Netix!

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    OK here is my TO DO list:

    Vaccume whole house - done apart from bedroom

    Mop both bathrooms, kitchen and laundry - done

    Change sheets on ALL beds

    Do dishes - done

    Do washing - done

    Fold Washing

    Pack for our trip that we leave for tomorrow

    i will cross these off when i have finished!!!!!
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    What a gorgeous day outside and I am stuck inside cleaning up You'd think the weather would be enough to motivate me to get everything done but it's not.

    So far I have:

    *Made our bed
    *Tidied our room
    *Tidied loungeroom
    *Done 2 loads of washing
    *Tidied bathroom

    Still to do-
    *Hang 2 loads of washing out
    *Do 2 more loads of washing
    *Tidy kitchen
    *Unclutter kitchen table
    *Unclutter kitchen bench
    *Unclutter desk

    It really shouldn't take me all that long but some days I am useless. It doesn't help that I am behind with everything from being away for a few days

    Ah well.. about to switch off the computer and will be back when it's all done!!

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    Ohhohhhh Im on a ROLL today.

    Tidied up the tidy parts of the house I did yesterday
    Cleaned DSs room (omg) and vacuumed
    Located ALL of Mr Potato Head
    Moved DD's bed changed sheets and vacced my room
    Wiped all the makeup off the walls and bed (thanks Beth)
    Hung out one load of washing, one more to go

    Now I gotta make lunch
    finish playroom
    fold and put away 3 loads of washing
    lock the kids outside so they cant mess it up again......

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